Disaster usually occurs at an unexpected time making it hard for the affected people, country, or region to continue with normal operations (Coppola, 2011). There are various ways of countering the effect of disasters. Some prevent the happening of such events, while some either reduce the impact caused by disasters or helps in ensuring that the affected achieves the initial state of life (Diane Meyers, 2006). The methods used in disaster management include mitigation, prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery (Gibbons, 2007). Disaster management program encompass combination of different disaster management methods (Hakkinen, Gilbert, & Mohapatra, 2009). However, these methods differ in usefulness of fighting the impacts of disaster. This makes it hard to decide the method that is a priority.

Problem statement

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The success of disaster management program depends on the method utilized. This is because disaster affects differently the lives of people. For example, prevention of disaster by avoiding committing things that will possibly lead to its occurrence is best (Krishna A.R., 2006). This is because it does not affect the lives of people negatively. This leads to a question to answer; what is the suitable method of disaster management? Therefore, this research seeks to analyze the suitability of different methods utilized in disaster management. In understanding these disaster management techniques, Homeland Security and Emergency Management will have an upper hand in deciding the suitable method at prevailing circumstance. This will improve the efficiency of its operation in management of catastrophe (Matthews & Feather, 2003).

The expectation of this research will be improved efficiency in homeland security, availability of enough resources in dealing with tragedies, and enhanced speed in the recovery process.

Efficiency in the defense department relates to the activities done to protect the country from disasters. In the management of the disasters, Identification of a suitable method is paramount in handling the matter at hand. This entails all activities and programs from different disaster management programs, which will be useful in choosing only activities that improve operation efficiency (Matthews & Feather, 2003).

This hypothesis of improved efficiency is in line with the research question because it supports examination of different activities and programs, which will help in determining the suitable disaster management method to use.

Resources needed in combating the occurrence of disaster are made available if Home land security learns the importance of being prepared for the occurrence of disaster. Preparedness is a useful method, which help in increasing the recovery speed. Enhanced preparedness strategy will build trust between the community and the department (Penuel, Statler, & Golson, 2010).

This hypothesis relates to the research question in that it helps in building the confidence that they need with the people. Countering problems needs enough resources as a backup strategy to give support to the affected. As a means of handling security matters, it has appositive approach that bridges the gap between the security department and the bona fide.

An act of rejuvenating the expectations of the affected is vital to hopes in life. Recovery process entails transformation of life from old one to new one. As a wise strategy, homeland security needs to be in a position, to reflect the humanity in them to reality, which will see many have hopes after the disasters.

This hypothesis confirms the result to the disaster management, which is a crucial tact directed to the affected. As a reflection, homeland security should give optimistic life to all the people.

Past researches support that it is beneficial to respond quickly to an emergence situation. This is because it helps in the alleviation of people suffering by bringing them back to the initial state of affairs. Therefore, the speed of responding to a disaster depends on the efficiency of the responsible party (Matthews & Feather, 2003). Availability of resources to deal with uncertainties is crucial in achievement of the well being of the society. This distinguishes the degree of suitability of different methods (Sundar & T.Sezhiyan, 2007). It is advisable to prevent disasters though controlling all of them is a problem. This makes recovery to carry a pertinent role in dealing with unknown occurrence. The weight carried by recovery activities plays a significant role in perceived suitability as on of the methods of disaster management (Penuel, Statler, & Golson, 2010).

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