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Dominant perspectives in any correctional institution include reforms, repression, and sociological aspects. Reforms is the implementation and creation of new policies and laws that are going to replace the existing ones since they are, bias in their deliverance of sentences. Corrections facilities have changed and thus the policies that were in place a long time ago need not to be used since they do not. Repression on the other hand is a desire that needs to be used in correctional centers since they cause suffering to the individuals. This kind of perspective if used in correctional centers will be helpful in minimizing the rates of crimes in this facility and hence will serve the intended purpose. Sociological perspectives are very helpful for any individual since they prepare convicts who are finishing their term in custody to stay focused and serve the time specified for them. Correctional facilities need to use the three perspectives in order to bring change to a person’s life. Corrections need to be stimulated in order to change the behavior of the individual through from their mistakes.

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