I am a very keen observer of the different ways in which Americans drivers uses our publics and private roads, and from the study I have come to a conclusion that a greater  percentage of the accidents that are being reported are as a result of human error. In view of the fact accidents may be unavoidable at times I feel that some are due to carelessness; thus it indicates that an accident can be prevented if only drivers were more careful on what they do. This according to me is a clear way and effective way of running the road safety awareness campaigns; since it is clear to me that the cases of road accidents reported on the roads are caused by human error.

The increased cases of road accidents that are being encountered today; can be generally attributed to human error; that may be possibly due to Poor Training, Carelessness, Fast/over speeding, drug and alcohol abuse and using of Gadgets like Cellular Phones while driving. In addition; road situations and conditions such as driving un-road worthy vehicles, poor weather conditions and poor Observation of Road Signs also contribute to accidents (Austin, par 3). This is because they distract the driver’s attention while driving and makes him focus on other things thus causing the accident. It should be note that the driver is supposed to be very keen and cautious when using the roads; this is because he is not only person in a risk but he/ she also exposes the other road users to the risk of getting an accident.  

With the advent of technology the rate of accidents is increasing at a very fast rate, this is when the vehicles are developed to be very hi-tech and very fast. The communication sector isn’t left out this is with the introduction of communication gadgets that is being experienced in the markets today. These devices are said to be key causes of accidents in our roads as they exposing all the road users to the chances of causing an accident as most of our roads users including the drivers and passengers are using these gadgets while using the roads; which are responsible for loss of concentration and thus resulting to accidents that could be prevented (Strayer, p.128).

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The essay will typically highlight on the concept of using the cellular phone while driving or even crossing the road, it is a common scenario in all the sections of the country to see a driver or even a pedestrian receiving a call or even testing while using the road. This is either crossing the road or even crossing the roads and this in most cases will lead to an accident as neither the driver nor the passenger is concentrating on what is happening on the road at the moment but will be concentrating on the phone (Knowles, par 4). The paper will also provide the reader with the extent at which the cases of the of road accidents as a result of the use of the cellular phones while driving has cost to the deaths of many people. At the same time the paper will highlight on the statistics and the solutions of these accidents that result to untimely deaths of productive citizens who play a very important role in our country’s economy growth (Yamilet, para.4).

Statistics have indicated that most American road users drive while testing or using there cellular phones, and this practice is said to be on the rise. This is from a recent survey that was recently conducted the study indicated that the numbers of road users using their phones while driving was 120.4 billion per month as at the month of December 2009 up from 110.5 billion the previous month. The statistics also predicts that the numbers aren’t about to reduce soon but the numbers will constantly be on the rise as a result of the technological advances that are being encountered in the world today. This being a clear indication that the lives of the road users will become more and more risky as these gadgets will play a big role in distracting the drivers while driving; thus resulting to an increase in road carnage and as a result of lack of concentration by the road users.                                 

An Overview of Using Cellular Phones in American Roads

In the recent past there has been an increased debate that aimed at ensuring that the cases or road carnage that is being experienced in the American roads today has been controlled and stopped completely. This has been through the intervention from various sections of the American society asking for a faster solution/ intervention on this matter that is claiming the lives of many innocent Americans who are productive and can have positive contribution to the American economical growth (Austin, para.3). These bodies that had advocated for some quick intervention in this matter included interest groups, religious leaders, politicians and the general public amongst other sections the American populations that are concerned with the increasing cases of road accidents as a result of man made problems.

The outcry that our country is currently facing today is aimed at reducing the cases of road accidents which are at the same time caused by the careless nature of the road users, as a result of using the mobile phones while driving (Yamilet, para.4). And this has resulted to mixed reactions from the publics, interest groups and lobbyists who argue on the dangers of mobile phones while driving. A section of the American population argues that the mobile phones are a recent phenomenon and before the invention of mobile phones there were cases of accidents being reported; thus resulting to mixed reactions amongst the American population (ForandAgainst, para.2).

The politicians have in the recent past tried to amend some changes that are aimed at regulating the uses of the mobile phones while driving in order to reduce the numbers of deaths. These attempts were as a result of the different legislations changes that have been passed on in countries like Brazil, Israel, Italy, Japan, Spain and Britain which have prohibited the use of cell phones use while driving. These legislation changes have been passed to become laws in different states of America including the state of Ohio which has been the first  state  in America to  ban cell phone use while driving while in Marlboro, New Jersey imposing a fine to any traffic defaulter a fine of $ 250  for using  the phone while driving (Knowles, para.4).

The social community in America is also urging the cases of road accidents that is being encountered in the American society is induced with human factors and they have at the same time urged the law enforcers to help in cubing the incidents of  road accidents that can be  easily prevented. The groups sighted that the use of cell phones will result to the increase of road accidents in America and at the same time they support the move of the Ohio states government for prohibiting the use of cell phones while driving. As a consequence these social groups have advocated for the introduction of these laws in to the entire country as this laws will to some extent reduce the cases of accidents that are being reported in America today. This is because the drivers will concentrate more on driving and at the same time avoid any form of diversions while driving (Austin, para.3).

Another major concern in the rise in the numbers of accidents that are being reported today is when an individual drives while drunk and additionally uses a cell phone. Studies have shown that when an individual is such a position i.e. using a cell phone the individual is likely to commit an accident 5.38 times than a driver who is fully concentrating on what is going on in the road. This is a clear indication that the probability of a driver on a cellular phone and a driver who is drunk are 5.38 times more likely to commit an accident, thus providing a logical argument that indicates that driving while using a cell phone is like driving while drunk. This providing clear evidence why the act of driving while using a cell phone should be prohibited as it is a cause of road carnage on the American roads (Strayer p.129). Imagine a scenario where the driver receives disturbing messages from the caller; this will make him even collapse thus causing an accident. He or she may also loose concentration and break the traffic rules which increases the chances of accidents; for instance when he or she over speeds to reach his destination faster without a siren.


According to the National Highway Safety Administration an agency of the Department of Transport 2009 it placed a statistics of 5,870 people who died as a result of crash, and in all these cases were as a result of a driver being distracted. When the statistics are later broken down they indicate that 3% of these deaths which is 189 deaths were associated with the use of cell phones while driving. The research has further indicates that the cases of mobile phones related accidents contribute to 10% of all the cases that are being reported in America on a daily basis; and another cases that weren’t that fatal included 979 crashes out of the 350, 668 cases reported and the 979 constituted when a driver was texting while driving (McGarva, p.139). A further disappointing feature that revolves around the uses of cell phones while driving indicates that the defects that are associated with the use of hands-free cell devices (headsets) might not help that much this is because the driver (user) will be distracted as they will tend to be concentrate on the conversation that they are indulging in a they will shift a lot of their attention on the conversation other than the road.

The results of a recent survey that have been conducted by the National Highway Safety Administration have indicated that the public is very concerned with the use of cell phones while driving. Thus a bigger section of the American population advocated for the prohibiting of the use of a cell phone as the survey indicates 70 % of the Americans are for the prohibitation of the use of cell phones while driving while a marginal 30% oppose the ban on the practice of calling while driving. These results clearly indicated that the American population is concerned with their own safety thus they advocate for its prohibitation (McGarva, p.140).


In Conclusion the reasons that make me support the prohibitation of the use of cell phones while driving is because the use of cell phones while driving results to the driver being distracted and thus can cause an accident that definitely affects the other road users (Knowles, para.4). The other reason is from the statistics that indicates that a driver who is using a phone while driving is 5 times likely to cause an accident as compared to a driver that isn’t. The final reason is that the use of cell phone while driving is one cause of the loss of innocent citizens lives. Imagine when one looses a life out of carelessness; this will not only affect those injured but also their families especially their dependants. His contribution to the economy is also hard to replace but more so very hurting when it is caused by a careless driver who could just have stopped by the roadside and talk on the phone.

Some of the solutions that I recommend include the imposing of heavy fines on drivers who are caught using sell phones while driving; in addition to revoking of the driver’s license of the drivers who are found to have fringed the laws of traffic (ForandAgainst, para.2).  I also advocate that the introduction of a system where car manufactures and mobile phone manufactures cooperate and come up with technologies that would disable mobile phones    when in a moving car, but the one that should be mostly affected is the person behind wheels. With these measures in place it will be easy for the drivers to concentrate while driving and when they are driving they will be in a position of fully concentrating on the road and at the same time they will be in a position of controlling and preventing the cases of road accidents.

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