The critical regulations in regarding the project, however, mainly concern the E- Card Holders ability to comply with international credit standards. Consequently, to enhance the consumers’ security, preventing cases of fraud arising from identity theft and fraud. Another consideration would be of a patent, required in order to prevent the future conflicts regarding the ownership and rights to the property. Aside from that, there are various subsidies and tax benefits available as an incentive aiding the development and growth of the E- Card holder.

Tax benefits include payment of tax relief research and development costs, various other tax allowances, incentives, credits and provisions to reduce the tax burden. Subsidies can be on any costs that are reasonable and necessary in ensuring the project takes off, such as the material costs, rental costs of the production site and on registration, and patenting of the product. These government mechanisms are likely to improve in the forthcoming years, as progress is made towards a digital economy with the aim to promote further growth of the sector. The government mechanisms are also likely to change due to the advancement in technology in the coming years. Whereby the government would have adopted more advanced methods and ways to carry out these mechanisms.

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Demographics trends and the economic conditions are likely to affect the market and financial projections. Demographic information split up consumers by age, racial background, revenue, family size, locality and other information. We apply demographic information to forecast the prospect of sales revenue amongst demographic clusters. Demographic groups may  also differ contingent to the location of economic markets. Therefore demographic trends affects the market and financial projections in that if this information changes new projections have to be made as this means that the preferences of the customers have changed. This in turn will affect the market.

Economic conditions are likely to affect the market and financial projections in that, the economic market is a massive assortment of customers, companies and the government. Knowledge of the economic condition would assist us plan sales prediction based on several market structures. The government has a big role to play in sales predicting. Unwarranted government procedures and taxes are a damaging aspect during the sales projecting process. Businesses may also realize a shortage of adequate economic capitals. Economic resources characterize the raw materials and workforce required to boost manufacture output. We can apply these forecasting implements to establish a risky or conventional estimate. A risky sales estimate assumes the finest conceivable economic conditions that will effect high sales. Conservative forecasts are assumed when business proprietors and executives presume problematic economic conditions resulting to lower sales.


The E-Card Holder is a product aimed at improving the lives of its technologically savvy and upwardly mobile users by enabling a stress free, reliable way to manage their various identity cards, credit and debit cards and all other cards that form part and parcel of the modern life. It targets consumers and shoppers, for whom card swiping is a vital part of the day to day activity. Further research and development into the concept targets production of a lighter, more efficient device capable of commanding a greater market share in the next 5 years because of the unique advantages it comes with, such as the swipe option, in addition to the ‘tap & pay’ transactions.

Also, the current use of computer chips in credit cards that store consumers’ information could be applied in the device production, thus, making it a more reliable and powerful product. Another avenue for development could be the adoption of electronic paper, as many companies in the field have done. Opportunities for the continued improvement of the product are innumerable, given the present days ever expanding high speed life and technological advancements. Customers, however, may be reluctant to spend the estimated price of $69.99 given the presence of cheaper alternatives available in the market, such as Google Wallet.

It is hoped that the additional features the product carries, such as an inbuilt advanced security system, will act as an incentive to potential customers. As a result, they will recognize the immeasurable benefits brought on by the product that far outweighs its cost. This advanced security system prevents fraud and theft by limiting accessibility to only the user by use of fingerprint technology. Even with the product team’s devotion to innovation, product development, and marketing, there will be a focus on the outsourcing of certain business segments including engineering and manufacturing, thus, improving efficiency and the feasibility of completion of the project. This will lead to an overall decrease in the production costs, a relief that can be passed on to the end consumer. Tight control over the fixed and variable costs of production enables the setting of a higher profit margin for the E-Card Holder.

The E-Card holder offers a new product to the market that acts as a gateway to the digital economy now in making. It has enormous potential for the delivery of advanced, high quality and efficient services. Unlike its predecessors in the market, it aims at not only functioning as a more convenient method through which the customer can carry many cards at a time. It also aims at adding an edge encompassing style, functionality and portability of the device. This, therefore, stands to be a device that paves the way for an enhanced customer experience that will surely clinch their brand loyalty.

Product/ Technology

Protection of the idea that shall grow into the E-Card Holder involves the application of intellectual property law. This law shall protect the rights to ownership of the intangible asset that is the idea yet to have materialized. This shall be achieved by the acquisition of a patent of the product design to avoid illegal copying and reproduction of the product by other entities, trademark that limit the use of the name E-Card Holder, and any associated symbols, therefore, enabling it to be distinguished from products of other organizations.

Other protections of intellectual property rights include guaranteeing that our intellectual property is protected lawfully through renewal of formal documents and improvements. Copyrights, trademarks and patents take very long time to expire, but eventually they will become null and void and therefore, need renewal to preserve your legal rights. For our E- Card business, we should apply for patents to expand upon past discoveries to consolidate our hold on our measurable expression.

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