If a student will have a personal well-established philosophy on education, it will certainly have a great effect on how he/she views education; perhaps, any philosophy will determine how an individual treasures and regards education. Through the years, I have had a view of education as a ‘growth’. Just as parents always tell their children that they have to go to school mainly for the purpose of developing their skills, personalities, attitudes, and more, I believe that education is an essential part of an individual’s life. It is education that gives growth to a person. Growth in education refers to an integral growth of the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual aspects of a person (Seetharamu, 1978). Thus, without education, whether formal or informal, no one will be able to grow into maturity.

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However, there is something in today’s educational system that greatly affects this philosophy. In every school and academic institution, the educational approach is general. What I mean is that the subjects being taught to students – particularly in Grade School and High School – do not always apply to every student’s inherent skills and talents. For instance, if a child is born to be having great skills in dancing, he/she will still be required to take these common subjects in school. The sad thing comes when that particular student can not pass the subject at all. What happens is that he/she will be required to retake that subject in order to take the next level in education. Although that student dreams to be a professional dancer, he/she will not be able to attain it unless he/she passes the failed subject. This reality in school’s educational system adversely influences my philosophy. Though it would be impossible to change it, I hope that education will someday be made right. In educating a student, it should be for the purpose of improving the inherent skills and talents. Education is not a way of creating something new in the student; it is developing what is already inherent and making it grow at its best. 

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