Egypt is a country in North Africa which has immense historical importance not only to the Muslims, but to the Christians and the Jews as well. When we hear the word “Egypt”, first thing that will come into our minds is the picture of pyramids about which we might have studied during our school or college days. The Egyptian pyramids are one among the seven biggest surprises in the world. Even though many of the earlier names in the seven biggest surprises list have lost their places, Egyptian pyramids were able to keep their places in tact so far. Apart from the pyramids, Egypt is a place which has rich cultural heritage and has big importance in Christian, Jews and Muslim histories.

I have studied about Egypt, its cultural heritage and the amazing sceneries and the facilities offered to the tourists, during my school days. I have developed immense curiosity to know more about Egypt from that period onwards. During last summer, I got an opportunity to visit Egypt and this paper explains the surprises offered to me by Egypt during that visit.

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Egypt, the place which surprised me

Red sea coast was one place which I visited, during my last summer Egyptian tour. Even though I had read lot of stories about the red sea in the Holy Bible, I never thought that the red sea would be that much beautiful. Words cannot explain the feelings which I experienced when I first met read sea. Only a person who has ever driven on the Red Sea Coast can understand what feeling I experienced. There are places where the road is sandwiched between rock cliffs and the sea, it is just gorgeous.  Just a one story house that opens directly on the sand and the sea with the backdrop of the mountains would be heaven on earth for me.

The dust storm over red sea is one of the beautiful scene which cannot be seen anywhere in the world. The dust storm will portray different pictures on the sands just like an experienced artist which is a beautiful scene. Apart from the dust storm the red sea coral and marine fish are also beautiful to watch. We can see some of the rare species of fishes in red sea which cannot be seen anywhere in the world.

The Red Sea Coast is a place in the eastern Egypt, with a shore line of the Red Sea for 800 km from Suez in the north to the Sudanese border in the south. It is one of the rapidly developing tourist destinations in the world. It has year-round warm climate which made it one of the favorite destinations of the tourists. Clear azure waters, for its beach resorts and the presence of many species of exotic fish and coral along with diving facilities made red sea coast one of the finest places, I have ever visited.

The description of my Egyptian visit will never be completed without mentioning something about the pyramids I visited in Giza and Luxor.  It is really surprising to see how well these pyramids were constructed even at a time when engineering or technology has not developed much. Machineries were less during the construction of these pyramids and the enormous human effort which made the construction of pyramids is unimaginable. Some of the big rocks seen at the top of the pyramids are too heavy that even some of the modern machineries may face difficulties in lifting and placing it in such huge height.

These pyramids were designed in such a way that majority of the weight happens to be closer to the ground, and the pyramidion on top helps the entire structure to distribute the weight evenly to ensure the stability of the structure.  The Great Pyramid of Giza was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It is the only one to survive into modern times. The Ancient Egyptians covered the faces of pyramids with polished white limestone, containing great quantities of fossilized seashells. Pyramids were constructed to bury the bodies of the ancient Egyptian kings, mentioned in Bible as “Pharaoh”.

Ancient Egyptians believed that when the pharaoh died, he became Osiris, king of the dead. The new pharaoh became Horus, god of the heavens and protector of the sun god. This cycle was symbolized by the rising and setting of the sun. Some part of a dead pharaoh’s spirit, called his ka, was believed to remain with his body. And it was thought that if the corpse did not have proper care, the former pharaoh would not be able to carry out his new duties as king of the dead. If this happened, the cycle would be broken and disaster would befall Egypt (National Geographic)


Egypt is a place which surprised me lot with its beauty and cultural heritage. I will never forget my experiences during my Egyptian tour in my life.

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