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Most common element visible in all religions is the belief in supernatural powers and forces. These supernatural beings take various forms in different religions. For example small societies like the Polynesian cultures in the south Pacific believe in animatisms which is the belief in mystic powers that are not part of supernatural beings. They believe that these powers which they call “mana” are present in all objects, people, animals and plants. It is believed that if these powers are neither good nor evil and are potentially hazardous if in plenty or if misused. For instance , a chief might have so much “mana” that he is not allowed to walk, in fear that the residue  of his footprints  left on the ground might be potentially harmful to ordinary people if they stepped on them. Volcanoes on the other hand were also considered to have loads of “mana” and therefore potentially dangerous.Spirits of ancestors: The belief in the power of ancestral spirits is common in many religions and cultures with these being attributed to the belief in existence of human beings in two forms, that is, the human and spirit form. The spirit beings are regarded as living and powerful by many communities and are considered to affect the life of the living. Countries like China believe that spirits are active members of the family and therefore treat them with respect and honor. Also some rural villages prepare feasts for the dead spirits. On the contrary, European cultures fear spirits and regard them as dangerous unpredictable haunts and not so kind. This is why Europeans usually bury the dead in cemeteries to avoid any contact with the living. The importance of ancestral spirits to other cultures is important and is signaled by the burying of their relatives in the compound. Cannibalism is also performed by cultures like of Yanomamo and lowland South American people who consume ashes and parts of the dead to allow the dead spirits to be part of the living.         

God or Goddess: Most religions believe in supernatural beings that they refer to as Gods, Goddesses or deities. Like spirits they have attributes and are identifiable .these religions differ in the number of Gods they believe in. The belief in one existing God is Monotheism which is the belief followed by Christians Hindus and Muslims. On the contrary Polytheism is the belief in the existence of more than one God like what Hindus tend to believe. Polytheists are known to rank their Gods according to the power they posses.Differentiating monotheism and Polytheism is rather a daunting task with writers arguing that cat holism is de facto polytheism. This is because Catholics turn to Jesus, Virgin Mary and saints yet they consider God as supreme and all powerful.Small Mystic Beings: These are no gods, spirits, humans or other living beings yet posse’s supernatural abilities. In the past rural Ireland tradition, elves pixies leprechauns and so on were thought to steal boy Children. To counter this, mothers dressed their young boys with girly outfits and left their hair to grow to prevent them from being taken.Though all this religions differ in many aspects, one thing is clear. That all religions show the diversity of people in society and that everybody is justified in believing in what he wants to believe.

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