All humans around the world are born healthy with minor problems inside their bodies. Humans are healthy by nature, and the only harm that can be done to an individual is based on those choices that people tend to make during the period of their lifetime. However, the individuals are likely to be heavily influenced by society and by the environment in which they grow and live. The existing norms of moral behavior unfortunately do not protect individuals from all bad habits.

Smoking is one of them. Getting used to tobacco is not a good habit for the health of individual. However, it has even more severe implications for society as a whole. It had been found that tobacco use directly impacts the development of cancer, and cancer is one of diseases that can be transferred from generation to generation (American Cancer Society, 2012).

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Therefore, limitation of tobacco use for both the individual and society would have positive impact on mankind. Evaluation of this impact is the topic of the essay. The paper studies potential problems that tobacco use presents and proposes recommendations for solving these problems. The purpose of the paper is to show the negative impact that the acceptance of tobacco use can bring to both individuals and society as a whole. The purpose is reached through exploring the negative influence of tobacco on society and individual and reflecting on this influence in terms of tobacco limitation.  


Tobacco use is the process that is most commonly associated with smoking. However, there are various types of smoking which demonstrate great extent of flexibility of tobacco use within the society. From rich to poor, tobacco use is widely spread. All forms of tobacco use are popular within various social groups, and the trend in general is one of the most powerful societal behaviors associated with modern lifestyle.

In general, the process evolves from adolescence and involves various forms of influence. As Turner, Mermelstein & Flay (2004) notice, ‘despite much attention to research on the etiology of smoking, notable the examination of factors that differentiate adolescent smokers from never smokers, much less is known about factors that predict the development of dependence once and adolescent tries smoking’ (p. 175). Additionally, one of the widely known facts about smoking is that the majority of people in the world start smoking when they are adolescents (over 57.4% of the total smokers) (Turner, Mermelstein & Flay, 2004, p. 175).

Therefore, tobacco use is a problem of society influence on individuals in young age (when they are most unsecure and volatile towards different habits) that is widely addressed within social context in many countries of the world. Notably, some religions prevent people from smoking. There are a number of limitations for Muslims during several religious holidays. Social norms nowadays also prevent people in many developed counties from smoking in public places.

Such social protest means that the trend towards tobacco use is no more supported by society. However, despite the presence of this strong negative attitude towards smoking (and adolescent smoking in particular), the number of smokers continues to rise worldwide (American Cancer Society, 2012).

Individuals are strongly influenced by mass media. Despite the fact that tobacco advertising involves the warnings about the harmful effect of tobacco use for the health of person, the total image of modern man or woman is in most cases not complete without a cigarette. The overall lifestyle that is demonstrated in modern society involves tobacco use. For this reason, the attempts to limit tobacco use with the help of restrictions by now do not gain powerful effect.

The modern society in general is influenced by mass media, and the images posted in the media are not usually healthy and correctly presented. Some individuals at young age when smoking tends to become a powerful and long lasting habit cannot simply resist being part of modern adult society. For this reason, they intend to catch everything from the images proposed by the media.

Cinema, computer games, music industry influence the individual in terms of tobacco use. The amount of information about tobacco is huge. However, the quality of this information is doubtful. It is not likely that modern society with its limitations and restrictions really educates individuals about tobacco usage. On the contrary, the images in mass media usually controvert with those laws and boundaries that modern society applies towards smoking in public places and other measures of tobacco use restraints.


In general, tobacco use is a significant part of modern lifestyle. Adolescent smoking which is a serious health problem worldwide is a result of powerful mass media campaign. Individuals who have many choices that are not strongly criticized by society simply cannot resist the temptation to look like adults and to be similar to those images of men and women proposed by the media.

The measures that are taken by the governments to limit tobacco use in public places together with the measures that already exist in some religions only work as inconveniences for those who favor tobacco use. The core problem is that tobacco is not treated as harmful habit of modern lifestyle. On the contrary, the choices are given to the public. Therefore, instead of proving the wrong choice, society continues to accept tobacco as relatively bad habit which is transformed from society to individual.

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