Almost everyone living today considers the Internet to be particularly useful since it offers a lot of opportunities. People spend a lot of time sitting at their computers, although they often consider the Internet’s influence on their health and the life style. Long Project One is going to find out if there is any danger of using Internet sources and what it is like to live without the Internet.

People use Internet in different cases: they communicate with each other using social nets, look for a job, search for new information, watch films and soap-operas, etc. Internet became irreplaceable for lots of its users, and it is too hard to imagine how life could be without it. There seems not to be any problem; however, not so many people think about the Internet’s influence on the health. Social researches show that most 18-35-years old people believe their lives have been influences by the Internet in a positive way. Nevertheless, there are people, who suggest bewaring of the Internet. Foremost, respondents testify about a significant negative impact on their health, which they had after a long-period of the Internet usage. Anyone, who is well-informed about the healthy way of life, from a physician to a fitness fan, would confirm that people, who spend hours sitting at the computer, feel the row of noci-influences on the organism (Kaur, Medury 32).

Some people claim that computers are more harmful for people than the Internet; although, their impacts on human’s body are totally identical. The Internet gets the users in its nets in the way, which makes them lose a track of time. Thus, a lot of people do not pay attention to how much time they waste in front of their monitors, surfing Internet or playing online computer games. The Internet becomes like a drug addiction for them.

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Sight worsening

Sight worsening is the first thing that happens to a human’s organism in a result of a long-time sitting at the computer. Internet and computer users expose their eyes to excessive tension by staring at the monitor screens for hours. In such a way, myopia might develop. As a rule, when people search some information on the Internet, they aggravate the situation by tensing their eyes. Usually, people, who work at the computer, wear glasses or contact lenses because of the harmful influence. Nowadays, it is possible to buy a special «computer glasses» or diffraction glasses. Their lenses can be transferred to the special plates with openings; hence, it helps to slightly disburden eyes (Elthon 5).

Headache and sleep problems

Another issue for constant Internet users is frequent headaches and sleep problems; they often suffer from insomnia or unpleasant dreams. It is necessary to have a rest for at least one hour before going to sleep, but Internet users often ignore this suggestion. When they go to bed, they feel dreadfully exhausted, quite often have headaches, and their eyes are extremely tired (Wilson 560). Large amounts of information, which they read and see during the day on the Internet, make it difficult to relax and stop constantly playing it back in their heads. After a terrible night sleep, “chronic” Internet users do not feel refreshed in the morning. They are not able to concentrate and to be attentive to details (Wilson 561).

Posture problems

Moreover, there are more dangerous consequences of being Internet addicted. For instance, it is common for computer users to have problems with posture. It deteriorates as a result of sitting comfortably rather than thinking about the right way of holding the back, neck, and head. Sometimes, when using the Internet, people are not attentive to anything around. Likewise, they cannot control the position of their bodies when busy doing something on the Internet. Vertebrae might distort, overstraining the whole body posture, which leads to having a bad back and neck pains in future.


Internet users often have problems with metabolism, which becomes slower in their organisms. People spend hours at the computer, which leaves them without motion for a long time. Their breathing becomes slower and more perfunctory. It causes bradyhemarrhea and slows down the metabolism processes. All these factors affect the immunity system, cause eye problems, lead to locomotorium diseases, etc (Lakhari, Hippel 927).


In addition, the Internet can cause a disease named “Internet-dependence”, which was discovered in 1996 by Kimberly Yang. She worked out a special test to find out if people suffer from this disease. Internet-dependent people cannot live without it at all, no matter what purpose they use it for. They do not have a need or desire to eat, to go out from their homes or to take a bath. Such people suffer from depression for a long time (Kiesler, McGuire 1125). Their lives are connected just to the Internet. All they need is to play online computer games, find new friends in social nets, visit some web-sites with erotic or sex content, etc.

The depression

The depression caused by the Internet influence is commonly spread today. Internet users cannot think about any other source of receiving information or communicating with friends. That is why they spend whole days at their computers (Guadagno, Cialdini 40).

Advantages of internet

All that information may sound quite scary and depressing, but let’s find out what the life without the Internet could be. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine not having access to the Internet. Students and pupils do their home tasks and study using web sources. They often send their assignments to professors by e-mail. People at offices cannot work without the Internet either. They use the Internet for sending papers, discussing problems, searching for information, and completing other multiple tasks. Almost every work place is equipped with a computer. Internet is tremendously useful for people of any profession for learning something new and optimizing their work. Young parents can look up some information about children’s health on the Internet. Pet owners can read and watch about the ways of training their animals. Relatives, who live far away from each other, can use it as a cheap alternative for chatting. Additionally, people can purchase anything they wish on the Internet. Thereby, the Internet saves people a lot of time (Kingsley, Anderson 303). The Internet is used everywhere today. Cell-phones, computers, plane-tables, TV-sets, cars, and even modern wrist watches and refrigerators are connected to the Internet. It seems impossible to hide from the Internet sources. It has information about everyone and everything. Living without the Internet at all means throwing away computers, rejecting the city life, and searching for a job, which does not require using Internet.

Obviously, there are some people, who had spent the most part of their life having no idea about what is the Internet. They are older generations; for instance, our grandparents. They still remember their happy childhood, when they were not using Internet sources or games. When they were young, they did not have problems listed above, and they were successfully working without the Internet as well. Those generations were sending letters in the envelopes to their families, and they could not imagine that one day, Facebook or e-mail boxes would appear (Leavengood 70). Life without the Internet was possible, but it is not an option in the modern world. Even our grandparents try using the Internet now to make their lives more comfortable.


There are many positive and negative points of view about the Internet influence on the modern people. As it was said earlier, it is too hard to live without the Internet nowadays. However, it is quite easy to get stuck in its nets. Although people need to use Internet sources daily, it is necessary to remember watching the time spent there. This way they would avoid Internet-caused diseases and will not be wasting their lives. In this case, the Internet will not turn into the evil enemy but will help to learn and work efficiently.

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