Rising in divorce rates is not a unique or an alarming issue in the modern world. Most technologically advanced or modernized countries are moving upwards in association with divorce rates. There are many factors that lead to high divorce rates. Among the most serious reasons are: education levels, age differences, marriages in young age, women in workforce, changes in expectations of marriage, adultery, cruelty, abundance, unhappy sex life, infertility, bad habits e.g. alcoholism, purposely hidden sicknesses before marriage and the legal changes in divorce law.


Educational level of the couple may become a source of divorce. Man may be well educated and a wife may not; this will create lot of problems in their family life and even lead to a divorce. The problem is that a less educated person cannot understand what educated person says and his or her education standards will not be tolerated by the other. The age differences, when there is a big gap from 5 years to 15, also create problems in the families because older and younger people usually have different views on life. Then the young person suffers by not fulfilling and getting a satisfaction from the other person who is older. When one person is in his or her early forties and another one is still in twenties, the thinking levels, behavior and the sexual needs differ, therefore, this may cause a divorce.

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Marriages in very young age

Young people are more quick-tempered and they usually do not have a proper understanding of marriage and just marry because of the impulse of the first love. Whereas marrying at a mature age quite differs, because people are more steady, and able to build more deep and serious relations than if they were younger. Obviously they have established and developed their living standards and occupations and have good stable income and savings to be ready for the challenges in the married life.

Working women

Married working women, especially the ones, who work in military sphere, face problems at home due to work stress, and lack of  time devoted to the family; when there is no time to fulfill husband’s needs, children’s needs and even her own needs as well. Women who devote more time to their carrier mostly are doomed to divorce. The time must be organized in order to be able to control all the issues at home, spend time with a husband and the rest of the family; otherwise, it can lead to the various kinds of problems, arguments and lack of communication, which will finally lead  to a divorce.

Changes in expectations and attractions of marriage

After marriage men and women’s expectations of marriage and family life may change and different misunderstandings can grow into the arguments, which increase with time. Very often people stop trusting each other, find a lot of flaws in the characters and behavior of each other, and finally, become unattractive and unloved to each other. Before the marriage one imagines a perfect picture of future life, which is melting with time, as all the expectation change and people become strangers to each other.  Thus, changes in expectations and attractions of marriage are one more factor leading to the divorces.

Adultery by one side or unhappy sex life

If a husband or a wife is having an affair, or due to unhappy sex life one person tires to find a sex partner outside, and it all is found out by the other, then the marriage bonds start to break and it leads to the divorce. Another factor which influences the level of divorces is infertility or when one spouse wants a child much more than the other one.  There also exists a tendency when children from the earlier marriages are not treated appropriately by the members of the new family.


Nowadays such negative issues as cruelty, abundance and bad habits, will never be tolerated by a husband or a wife. During some time they will try to be patient, but there will come a day when it will be necessary to put an end; in most cases divorce is the best the solution. Of course the divorces have serious psychological impact on children and their further life. As for alcoholism, it is a very serious problem that occurs in many families. If one of the family members becomes an alcoholic, this leads to the degradation of the family and relationship. This affects the household harmony and gains instability. Alcoholism may cause rude and violent actions towards children or other members of the family. Moreover, there were discovered many incidents of torturing in the family. The divorce law grants divorce to all the cases which were involved in cruelty, torture and domestic violence.

According to the changes in the divorce laws of many modern countries, couples which are not happy in their married life can easily get a divorce. Due to many good reasons court will examine each case, proving its truthfulness, and will grant a divorce. Therefore, couples waiting to get a divorce but having no valid reasons will be happy to hear the changes in the divorce law. The above factors are the most common among the reasons which promote many husbands and wives towards divorce processes and make its rates higher.

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