Iran’s last royal family after the Islamic revolution fascinates me as a tragic outcome of the Islamic revolution. Pahlavi royal family like its other counterparts in other countries had it’s own ups and downs; it is full of untimely and dramatic deaths and misfortunes. Russian royal family of Romanovs might have the closest resembles to it’s southern neighbors in Iran. It didn’t take a long time for the authoritarian regime of revolutionary communist to butcher innocent people among them the Russian royal family.   

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During the last years of 1910s, Bolshevik revolution led by Lenin took over the imperial Russia and Romanov family was captured and exiled to Siberia. The sudden and brutal execution of Russian royal family caused a great anxiety among the general public of Russia. It didn’t take long for Russians to come up with stories surrounding the faith of two youngest members of Romanov family. Grand Duchess Anastasia remains were missing for several years and Soviet secrecy provided the pieces for an urban myth.

I want to explore this mystery and add to my understating of a major country in last three centuries. My main guide in this attempt will be a book by Robert K. Massie called The Romanovs: the Final Chapter. I notices a sharp pick in public interest in this matter when Russian Orthodox church after collapse of Soviet Union argued about sainthood of late Romanov family. The Russian Church involvement and the scientific efforts to identify the remains of Romanov family provide a controversial topic and I like to explore it.

It was surprising for me to see scientists from all over the world including the United States trying their best to come up with a decisive answer about the faith of the young princess. The volume of the books and couple of movies about her makes me more interested. The art of DNA identification plays a great role in recent explorations and it will take a great deal of time and effort to be understood properly.

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