Brent N (2001) Nurses and the law:

A guide to principles and applications, Ed. 2, Philadelphia, Elsevier Health sciences Publisher
The book evaluates the need to research on healthcare provision. This is important in the face of shrinking access to healthcare. There are also legal and ethical issues surrounding the healthcare provision that are discussed. The important of controlling the cost of healthcare provision is also given primacy by the book. The healthcare providers have to contend with scrutiny of their operation and secret. The system is important in developing the policies to govern professional and ethical conduct within the healthcare institution.

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The book discusses attempt to improve healthcare provision, in which most institutions have developed questionnaires for different caregivers. The aim is to know the attitude of the healthcare givers. The attempt has been to develop policies that govern the service provided in each institution depending on the service provided. Most health facilities are discussed as undertaking quality assessment of the services that they provide. The aim of quality assessment is to come up with suggestion of how care provision can be guaranteed. The other effort aims at reducing fraud and abuse likely to occur in a healthcare institution. The aim is to improve healthcare integrity and ensure protection of the data bank on the existing public facilities. It discusses how relationship between suppliers, practitioners and care providers can be regulated. The book discusses important of healthcare licensing boards, the law enforcement agencies and other government agents that are eligible users and provider of services. The compliance tools are important in healthcare facilities management. The book discusses important of reducing illegality in the delivery within the healthcare system. There are also established procedure for lodging complaint against activities that are deemed illegal, unethical and unprofessional, that are also discussed.

Chitty M, Natalie S (1988) Federal information Sources in Health and Medicine:

A Selected Annotated Bibliography, Michigan, Greenwood Press

The book discusses government publication from numerous federal institution aimed at adding selecting indexes, bibliography and even serial report. The books has also incorporated directories and statistics on federal health institution. The book also carry’s information on federal laws governing provision of healthcare in federal institutions.

Clifford D (2005) Physical rehabilitation role in disability management unique

Michigan, Elsevier Saunders

The book discusses the role of Federal health institutions in disability management. The aspect regarding the health of the disabled is important in managing the healthcare provisions and ensuring improvement.  The book is important as a source of data-base for citation in healthcare research.

Fitzpatrick J (1996) Primary Care Annotated Bibliography

Michigan, American Academy of Nursing

The book discusses how Hospitals and federally qualified health centers incorporate quality improvement by incorporating compliance program. Various acts and pieces of legislations that have been undertaken by the federal government to curb fraud and abuse in healthcare systems are discussed. The other area of concern and targeted in improvement effort is the administration of medicine. The book examines ways of regularizing healthcare provision to curb errors that may lead to devastating effects.

Meyer F (1981) Evaluations of Firms and professionals who provide consumer services

Washington, Washington center for studies of services publisher

The book dwells on important of identifying proactive approach to federal healthcare provision. It addresses the ethical concerns governing healthcare provision. The book has information on evaluated yearly costs.

Teitelman J, Parham A (1990) Fundamentals of Geriatrics for Health Professionals:

An annotated bibliography, Connecticut, Greenwood Publishing Group

The book discusses the increasing demand for better healthcare services from federal institutions. There is also information on expanding and new markets in inpatient and outpatient. The information as presented in the book is important in identifying the shifting caseload especially in line with various age groups.

Slee D. Slee V. Schmidt H (2008) Slee’s health care terms

5th Ed. Sudbury, Jones and Bartlett Publishers

The book serves as the source information on the vaccines program offered at the Federal healthcare institution. The information on various institution targeting specific infections is provided in the book. The book also discusses various vaccines targeting different groups. The book has information of products. It has also discussed monitoring change in the value of drugs. The gaps in pharmaceutical innovations are also documented as well as the important in value adding.

Wagenfeld M, Morton O, Murray D, BeBruyn J, Murry J (1996) Mental Health and Rural America, 1980-1983:

An Overview, Michigan, Diane Publishing

According to the book, continuing Education and research on cost effectiveness should be the aim of the National Health Reform. The groups that have generally been underserved should be identified and dealt with as discussed in the book. The book identifies the minority, ethnic and rural populations. The book assesses the impact of services offered, which are essential to the improvement of health services. Difficulties in healthcare provision once identified need to be addressed accordingly, the author recommends. The emphasis on cost and access will also ensure continuous improvement in healthcare provision.

Wood M (2000) Health care resources on the internet: a guide for librarians and healthcare consumers

Binghamton, The Haworth Press

The book discusses information consumers who might not be looking for conventional treatment. The book suggests content in various websites is also important to the consumers and researchers. The book addresses ways of retrieving information from such sites.

Wilkinson G (1985) mental health practices in primary care settings:

An annotated bibliography, London, Tavistock Publication Ltd.

 The book explores the ambulatory services in healthcare and their importance. The services available in federal institutions are brought forth for consumer and the healthcare givers by the book.

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