Festival Tourism

A festival is a social public event that is symbolized with a celebration of food and wine. Some definition on festivals includes traditional themes rituals. Generally we could say that festivals are those events or large gatherings that celebrate certain reasons and situations regardless which background we come from. The tourism events are those events that are poised to attract tourists through celebrations and gatherings from nearby or other places locally or internationally. Nations are looking to attract more tourists to enhance their local activities and celebrations through those festival events. Every country and city has its own traditions and cultural practices. Perhaps in many ways the celebrations that mark their cultural traditions and inventions are the key to attracting more tourists to their nations or cities.

Food and wine have long been known for generations as the festival or gathering essentials since early mankind, where there is food and wine there are parties and celebrations, although every traditions and celebrations are different, we all celebrate with food and wine, some may also celebrate with traditional rituals. Regardless which part of the world we are from, we all enjoy food and wines of some sort. We all celebrate with unique food and wines for many reasons. The food events have assumed an important role in tourism in the recent years as it becomes more than just a local events. Food and wine festivals play a major role such as; attracting funds to a local economy, it increases and maintains employment among the locals; it is a catalyst in tourism development hence enhancing the economy and finally it helps in creating an established relationship between consumers and the sellers. (Hall)

As Getz writes, “festival tourism is defined on the festival tourism demand and supply”. The Hawaii food and wine festival has a positive look on tourism demand. Festival tourism demand is based on of the number of tourists who will attend the festive.

Festival and wine celebrations attracts more tourists who wish to experiment on the city’s best foods and wines. The festival gathers a number of chefs and wine agencies around the city. For example: The State of Honolulu. Indeed most of the chefs and agencies that form part of the festival have cooked and served influential people. Tourists enjoy food and wines in various restaurants, spas and hotels in the city. Also sampled are the cultural and classic modern food and wines from master chefs who have cooked for guests all over the world and feel the taste of the Hawaiian common delicacies and dishes. Tourists may also be given free instant food trainings of local delicacy for experience of their life. The food and wine festival has for long term that touch of entertaining tourists who flock the city, (Hawaii food and wine festival)

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Event strategic planning and development

As many festivals have proven, organizing a festive would be a challenge and at the same time a walk in the park. A festive like the Hawaii food and wine festival is planned and analyzed as earlier as possible to avoid any challenges and problems that may arise later. Strategic planning is essential in preparing any event; Consideration is required for number of days, place, and level of community involvement, stakeholders and the cost management. Before any festival is organised, a financial strategy would be the first issue to look at. Most of the food and wine festivals have been sponsored by various organizations and local businesses, majority from the food and wine industry that would in turn promote their product.

The Hawaii food and wine festival is usually sponsored by industry players who share an interest in tourism, food and wines. For some time, the Hawaiian airlines have been the biggest sponsor. The city tourism authority, Hawaii tourism Authority follows and then other small companies and businesses. In the august wine and food festival, companies like Hawaii food service, Star Advertiser, Southern Wine and Spirits and major restaurants and resort centers in the city will sponsor the event. The festival usually occurs in four days and involves a series of events and journeys around the city to showcase the beauty and taste of Hawaii food and wines. Indeed the festival is organised superbly with much awareness given to the local community and international partners, the festival proves to impact all stakeholders and local business involved.

Contributions of food and wine festivals

Community social impact and involvement

Festive events are organised to promote the social representations and ideals of a given place. Social impact and involvement means that the community at large get to be part and parcel of the food and wine festival as well as promoting togetherness in the region.  As Carlsen and Getz cited, it is important to involve the community since it will promote solidarity in the community and will ensure a successful food and wine event. For the community to get involved the event planners have to give then incentives such as free trainings and have impeccable entertainment for all genders and ages.

The common culture and lifestyle are the basis of wine and food festivities by seeking to present the local foods and wines and also showing the local cooking methods. The events also give an opportunity for everyone to participate in the celebration. (Allen, et al)

Positively, the Hawaii food and wine festival benefits a number of organisations and individuals. As it is an event of showcasing food and wine, the local culinary and Science College’s benefit from the event. The festivals help students from the culinary Institute of the Pacific to learn and associate with a number of master chefs and wine makers who participate in the festival. The festival creates jobs for the locals’ organisations, individuals and boost economies.

The Hawaii food and wine culture is lively presented, visitors can learn to cook and serve Hawaii foods and wines. Indeed the Hawaii community gets a lot from the event and most importantly the festival brings tourists together and share their culture and ideals,  at the same time, the event comes at a cost. The festival attracts a lot of tourists around the world who crowd in one city to experience the pleasures of food and wine. Eventually the great number of people can cause overcrowding and noise that disturbs the peace of the city. The event may course environment for drug abuse, intoxication and other illegal activities.

Food and Wine marketing and economic impacts

As we discussed earlier food and wine tourism has caused different trends in the world, and it has changed the way we eat and drink wine. A century ago food was just an essential item of survival. Due to migration and tourism today food has become another item of human amazement. Most people take more time on eating pleasures than anything else we do. This has led to created different classical restaurants and hotels that offer a variety of food and wines. Many people travel around in the world for just the fascination of food and wine, making the food and industry grow and achieve certain economic impacts, (Brown). The Hawaii festival makes sure that the festival is of a high standard so as to market themselves to other interested parties.

Economic impacts

With emergence of food and wine tourism the world has seen tremendous economic impacts as a form of tourism, food and wine have prompted various countries and cities to adopt certain strategies to boost the sector and realize gains. Economic impacts mean that the food and wine festival brings upon economic benefits to the region hosting the festival. it is important because without a booming economy, the region may as well be dead, a booming economy means that the region will be able to develop and be successful. Schemes and strategies on marketing and branding have devised to promote more food and wine. We have seen the hospitality industry rise at a fast level due to the necessity of food and wine. To develop more the sector, major recommendations are being made on improving agriculture and promoting cultural food and wine activities. This has been done through holding food and wine festivals, promotion of farmer shops and markets and wine trails. Hall and Sharples.In every way the Hawaii food and wine festival promotes to the economy of the city and people. The city raises a lot of money at the event. Also the festival attracts many tourists who thereby promote other forms of businesses in the city and create economic benefit for their country

Marketing Impacts

Marketing impacts means that the region, the chefs and any other people involved in the food festival are able to present themselves to the world to know of their expertise. Like many other fascinating products, food and wine can be very important marketing tools. Food and wines as illustrated earlier can be identified with places and origins. Hence major cities and countries use food and wine to promote themselves. Marketing is important to one’s brand as he gets exposed to a lot of opportunities and through marketing, an expanded clientele as well as economic status. Some countries have used food as a brand initiative. By creating food and wine agencies and authorities to provide policy and plan food development, they get recognized.  (Keller) Major cultures in Italy are recognized in the favor of the wines they make. Indeed food and wine festive tourism plays an important promoting role. Like many other products that impact trade we should be able to realize that food and wine can be very important products. Festive tourism with the promotion of food and wine can bring major changes to a place or destinations. They can create new business and promote tourism in any area. Also festivals can help promote culture and traditions of a particular community or cities. (Mitchell)

Hawaii uses the food and wine festival to promote itself as a tourist destination. Food and wine thereby can serve an important promotional tool. Also food and wine can create a major factor in creating a name for a particular destination, as many people who have never visited Hawaii will be compelled to visit the city because of the food and wine festival. Hawaii has a food agency called Hawaii Food Services that provides strategies and policies in food development. Food and wine can also help promote the local business and culture.

Industry Involvement

Industry involvement means that the food and wine industry is part and parcel of the food festival as the days goes by. The food and wine industry is changing each day. There is much interest in deriving a new kind of wine or food to the market. Customers are always on the look for that new blend of wine and experience. With some companies there may have been problems in distributions and selling of different types of wines across the globe. Some wineries consider cellar door sales and other quick methods that may not connect with the overall industry. To achieve ultimate sales there is need for effectual distribution channels, (Carlsen, J & Getz) In the Hawaii food and wine festival, many wineries bring their wines for tasting and purchase as well, fresh farm products are not left behind either as all of them present their products in this festival. Hawaii has a food agency called Hawaii Food Services that provides strategies and policies in food development. Food and wine can also help promote the local business and culture.

The Hawaii festival

The Hawaii food and wine festival was well planned and strategically organized, they made sure that the attendees had a time of their life by bringing in worldly recognized chefs such as Todd English from New York. The setting was magnificent as it had great music, fireworks, fresh farm produce and variety of wine to taste and purchase as well. However, the festival could have incorporated free food trainings and discounts so as to increase the number of attendees as well as market themselves to the world.



Among the major challenges facing wine and food tourism is sustainability. Tourism sustainability is the ability for the products to sustain the environment and other factors. To maintain sustainability and preservation of the environment major frameworks have developed. Economically the industry should come up with economic sustainable programs and ideals that are to ensure a sound wine and food economy. (Hall et al)

Overcrowding and environmental issues

Another challenge is large gathering or overcrowding. Major tourism events have been sparked with theft, death and other problems brought about by mass tourism. To avoid these kinds of situations, preplanning tourist attraction areas ensure safer tourism activities. Social and environmental problems like trade conflicts, pollution and destruction of culture are becoming rampant. Early prevention and proper management is necessary to minimize issues. (Hall)

Hawaii wine and food festival through the Hawaii tourism authority have enacted laws and policies to guide these festivals towards ensuring a sustainable Hawaii tourism.

Poor infrastructure

Currently some companies may have poor infrastructure and other planning and development issues that may lead to poor production of their products.  Due to these reasons some wine industries are probably being shuttered. Lack of integration will lead to long and ineffective distribution and selling channels which in turn may course low productions or less sales of their product.


Another challenging factor is promoting local foods and wines. There are less methods of promoting local food and wine. As far as tourism is growing, there are some wonderful delicacies and wines that are not yet discovered due to lack of promotion, Lack of cooperation between industry players has also lead to failure of attempts of promoting food and wine products to the tourism sector. At the same time there is lack of industry marketing and knowledge to boost the industry any further. Lastly there is still lack of information in the wine and food industry about the impact tourism presents to them. (Johns and Jenkins)

Development Strategies

To ensure that the problems above are solved and a better wine and food industry has been created there are a number of strategies the industry should adopt. The major one would be industry cooperation. In organising the Hawaii food and wine festival, various players in the wine and food industry came together and promoted the event. The concept was that by sponsoring the event, their products and services will be eventually be needed hence at the same time promote themselves. All food and wine industry players should cooperate and form an alliance that will eventually integrate both sectors.

Industry development should also be another important strategy. By investing in education and research, creation of new products and extensive market will help the industry. Information is very important in the industry; hence major strategies should be created to create awareness. Relevant materials about the industry should also be available. Lastly wine industries should be educated on the importance of joining the tourism sector. (Hall and Sharples)


In conclusion, there are few other factors that impact the wine and food industry. Political factors also affect the tourism industry. Major governments promote these events because they are avenues of raising public funds in form of taxes and levies. Hence to avoid such kind political pressure, international tourism quality control and procedures should be adopted. This will ensure that nations stop promoting activities that go against the human morals, values and standards,

The festival tourism has promoted international trade and tourism. Also the festivals have helped promote unity and specific cultures of different people in the world. Hence the festivals are of so much importance to us and we should strive to develop it, it also brings everyone to one nation or communities from all over the world to enjoy the celebrations of many different types of food and wines in one location.   That is why festivals is very important to us all mankind.

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