Age/grade of students:             6 – 7 years old, K- Grade1

Topic to be taught:                   Farm Animals

Goal of the lesson:                 

Students will identify the different farm animals and be able to ask questions, make

a few sentences using some simple vocabulary.

b.    Students will develop awareness on animals that can be found in the farms.

Materials: pictures of animals, picture of a farm, animal cut-outs

General Procedure:

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  • Show some pictures and ask students if they have already seen those animals before. If they did, where? Do they like any of these animals? If they do, they can act out the behaviors of the animal they like.
  • Show more pictures of animals and tell the students the names of those animals if they do not know.
  • Give each child a picture of a farm and picture cut-outs of the farm animals with a name at the back of each cut-out.  They have to place some animals on their farm.
  • Have the children in pair. Tell them to sit back-to-back with each other so they cannot see each other’s farm.
  • Using some simple questions, they will ask each other if their animal is on their farm.
  • At the end of the lesson, the students will sing the song, Old McDonald had a Farm.

Multiple Intelligence Activities:

Linguistic/Verbal Intelligence
  • Students will recognize the names of the animals through the use of the
    pictures and cut-outs with their names on it. Moreover, they are able to repeat the names of each animal while seeing how they are spelled.
  • They will also able to create simple questions when they ask if their animal is in the farm or not.
Mathematical/Logical Intelligence
  • Students will be able to apply logical reasoning as to which animal should be placed in the farm and which animals do not belong there.
Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence
  • Students will act out the behaviors of the animals that they like (in the beginning of the lesson). They can also include the sounds of each animal.
Spatial/Musical Intelligence
  • Let the students listen to the song, “Old McDonald had a Farm”. Then let them sing the song by themselves.
Interpersonal Intelligence
  • Students will be able to work with any partner that they may have during the pair work activity.
Naturalistic Activity
  • Students will be able to create their own farm with their animals on it.

Students will be given more animal cut-outs and a sheet of paper with the names of the animals on it. They have to paste the correct animal beside its name.

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