In Three Cups of Tea, Mortenson says, “You can hand out condoms, drop bombs, build roads, or put in electricity, but until the girls are educated a society won’t change.” The meaning put across by the author in this statement was indicative of the migration nature of the educated male child who after gaining education moves away to cities. The community from which the boy child was born is therefore deserted by the learned fellows at the end of the day. It was the opinion according to Mortenson and Relin that the society is doomed to stagnate if the girl child and more especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan were not educated. He was of the opinion that only the educated girl will be of benefit to the society because as opposed to the boys, the girl will remain in her society and contribute to the welfare of its members. This essay paper seeks to support the idea of educating girls borrowed from the Three Cups of Tea considering the current state of affairs of gender equality in Pakistan.

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In the contemporary society of Pakistan, the principles of equal rights are upheld in the constitution where all people are supposed to be treated equally. However, the women of Pakistan are taken as second-class fellows in quite a number of ways. Following the patriarchy traditions, women are subject to methodical subordination to the male counterparts, to different levels across all areas of the community and in all fields. According to Mortenson and Relin, women not only need to be given material things, neither are they supposed to be ever on the receiving end. The women will need more than just being given such like things or may be receiving protection from the men. It is very imperative to consider the education of all men and women alike to support the well-being of the society (Valerie & Andrea, pp. 23-67).

Women’s role in the society is apparently taken to be reproduction alone and at the same time restricted through the practice of Islam of Prudah where women are required to be physically segregated from men.  This is a humiliating affair because this kind of segregation has gone to greater extremes to the point of denying the women education. Mortenson and Relin assertion would go miles ahead in supporting the development of the Pakistan society since women are from time in the past been used as home makers while the men move away to towns and cities.

The idea of  Mortenson and Relin

While the gap is slowly closing, full realization of this gender equality will be through the education of women. Women have lagged behind in health services, education and employment. Indeed, the absence of government resources as well as low literacy levels all together has contributed to the fact that only a small minority of the women have knowledge of their rights (Mortenson & Relin, pp. 10-34). The things highlighted by Mortenson and Relin in the introduction paragraph of this essay have only tried to complicate the implementation together with putting the intended reforms in force in an effort of their condition. Apparently, the construction of roads, putting on electricity and so on while the women are not getting education only makes them beggars. A beggar will never stand on his or her own to do anything meaningful for the society; instead, he or she will perpetually rely on the society for provision. It only remains to be a one sided affair. That is why the idea of Mortenson and Relin will remain to be a truthful saying.

A society will change if what has been learnt in school is passed on to the next generation as Mortenson and Relin puts it while discussing about girls. As described in “The three Cups of Tea”, the girl child on receiving her education stays around her community while the boy child moves away unlikely to return. What the boy child learns is taken away from the society instead of bringing it back to benefit those that come after them. Well, it depends on the perspective we see it. Great things have their beginnings in that which is small. Education to women may have initially been considered insignificant but the results are lousy and alarming.

The education

Mortenson lays emphasis on the education of the less fortunate and more in particular the girls which are overlooked in the stricter Muslim sects. All through the book, Mortenson bumps into quite a number of obstacles whilst dealing with individuals unlike any one has ever encountered. To finish up most of the schools, Mortenson should cope with the various cultures presented in the context. Barriers of language, customs of religion and the traditions of the family are some of these hardships he comes across with. Many people who lived before him have faced the complications and overcame them just like Mortenson is committed to and later accomplish his objectives (Mortenson & Relin, pp. 10-34).

The importance of religion for Mortenson

In his writing, Mortenson vividly exemplifies .what he describes as having an active belief in God. Even in duress moments, Mortensen is in a position to point out what needs to be accomplished in an effort of attaining objectives whilst maintaining that religion is a huge factor for all people including foreigners at the workplace. Without disruptive behavior or violence, Mortensen assimilates the culture of Muslim while keeping his individual beliefs of religion. Equality surpasses the circles of religion and the rights of any individual cannot be infringed owing to the teachings and the dictates of religion (Klasen & Claudia, pp. 46-66).

The matters evident herein seek to educate all people concerning social awareness which drives to action.  Mortenson’s different culture did not impede him from doing what was right in attaining equality for all. The Pakistan country had different ways of living contrary to his but this did not derail his efforts. He slowly learns about the Muslim culture before he could start building schools. The welfare of the society would require the education of all, women inclusive. The hope of the society is unbounded in the efforts of all. Women in particular have a very significant role to play in lifting up the standards of the society. Community building which Mortenson upholds so much is also achievable by ensuring all get informed about education (Hawkesworth, pp. 11-18).

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