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I will develop specific measurements regarding my research on the problem of knowledge hoarding in several ways. One of the measurements that I will use is scales such as continuous scales. According to Easterby-Smith, Thorpe and Jackson (2012), continuous scales are ordered scales making it possible to determine what is being measured on the value of the scale. They gave two types of scales that include ratio and interval scale. Ratio scales have a true zero point on the scale. I will also use the Likert scale while developing questions for my research. Likert scale is an example of an alternative attitude response scale. One distinct characteristic of this scale is that it has one neutral midpoint that considers the possibility that a person may have on any opinion regarding a particular issue. I will also design questionnaires to collect data regarding whether the members of my investment team would like to solve the problem of knowledge hoarding. I will use the five principles of designing structured questions that Easterby-Smith, Thorpe and Jackson (2012) defined. One of the principles is that every item in the questionnaire should express only one idea. It will help in ensuring that the questionnaire collects relevant data. Another principle is avoiding the use of colloquial language and expressions. If this language is avoided, it will be easy for the respondents to understand the specific questions in the questionnaires. I will also use simple expressions while designing the questionnaires. This will ensure that I use active voice instead of passive voice in all of the questions. The fourth principle is avoiding the use of negatives while designing the questions. I will also avoid leading questions in my questionnaire.

I will use sampling while researching the problem of knowledge hoarding that is affecting our investment team. According to Hoonakker & Carayon (2009), sampling helps in ensuring that the researcher completes his/her research within a short time. This helps in saving the costs that the researcher would have incurred in case he/she decided to interview the entire population. In order to ascertain that the data collected from my sample is accurate, I will consider making it representative. Response rate will be a critical factor while I conduct my research using. This is because a high response rate will help in ensuring that I get enough and relevant data while conducting my research. I will increase the response rate by explaining the purpose of my research clearly, so that all the members of my investment team know the main reason that I decided to conduct the research. In addition, I will assure the participants of this research that any information that they give will be confidential.

Sampling frame refers to the list of all the items in a population that can be sampled. The sampling frame of my research will include all the members of my investment team and the senior management team of our organization. I will consider using several types of sampling while doing my research. One of the sampling methods that I may use is simple random sampling. In simple random sampling, every participant of my research will have an equal chance of being part of the sample (Hutchison, 2009) Moreover, I may consider using stratified random sampling. In this method of sampling, the population under study is divided into strata. I may also consider using non-probability sampling while doing my research. The types of non-probability sampling that I might use include convenient sampling, judgmental sampling and voluntary response sampling.

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