Toshed some light on the subject of study, this research will examine the impacts of globalization on economic growth. The research project will apply the principles of social conflict to evaluate the existence or otherwise, of social conflict in the economic impacts of globalization. The first part of this proposal brings the subject of study into context by studying the background of the subject of study. This is followed by the introductory part which provides a detailed explanation of the problem, its application in local and professional studies as well as stating the problem. Next is the literature review, which looks into previous evidence that has been studied on the topic. In the methodology section, the researcher describes the design, strategy and sampling methods that will be applied for research. Data collection and analysis chapter then describes the nature that the data collection procedure will take.

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Literature Review

In economic sense, globalization refers to the diminution of transaction of cross-border movements of goods and/or capital; globalization process includes the opening of global trade and internationalization of fiscal markets, advancement of communication means, emergent significance of Multinational Corporations (MNC’s) and increased population migrations which imply growing mobility of people, capital, ideas, goods, data as well as pollution, infections and disease (Scholte, 2000). Through globalization, an economy is thus able to generate networks, which give it access to cross border trade and transactions, free global flow of capital, portfolio investments, foreign direct investments in addition to rapid diffusion of knowledge and technology (Yeates, 2002).

The social conflict theory is a sociological theory that is used to explain the society as a multifaceted system which is characterized by struggle and inequality; these motivate social change. Social conflict theory analyses the society by emphasizing on the power disparities among different groups and individuals in the society (Wright, Morgan & Greenway, 2002). This theory is applied in the global trading system, which emerged as a result of globalization: in the evaluation of the economic impact of globalization where poor countries are contrasted against the rich nations of the world. Basing on the arguments of the theory, modern social conflict can only be understood through a study into the impact that globalization has had on the economy of contemporary societies (Wright, Morgan & Greenway, 2002).

Two contentious arguments on the topic of globalization and social conflict are usually held when analyzing the economic impact of globalization; some observers are of the opinion that globalization has brought about real economic growth to world economies while the other group of observers hold that globalization only serves the interest of metropolitan nations at the expense of marginal nations . The latter is the consequence of social conflict; which will be the center of this research (Scholte, 2000).

Research design and limitations

This study involves using both primary and secondary methods to collect data. Although a variety of data collection methods exists, this research intends to use a case study approach. In this regard, five retail banks will be selected for review. In collecting data from the five banks, a questionnaire survey is proposed. A portion of the questionnaires will be sent to respondents and research enumerators who will have the task of conducting face-to-face interviews will fill others. Supplementary data shall be obtained from secondary resources such as books, journals and related previous studies on the topic. The preference of secondary sources of data enjoys the advantage of providing in-depth analyses on the topic under review. In turn, such helps the researcher to develop appropriate recommendations. Finally, the data shall be analyzed and presented using pie charts, score tables and graphs.

Case studies produce large fractions of data after reviewing multiple sources. Thus, methodically organizing data is necessary when an investigator seeks to prevent data from becoming overwhelming. Such helps a researcher to maintain focus on the aim of research. Planning guides in handling voluminous information. However, a researcher focuses on categorizing, sorting, storing and retrieving data in order to avoid any confusion.


The proposed study would play an important role regarding the role of globalization in shaping economic, social and political life. Scholars in the field would thus benefit since the study would highlight new ideas regarding the phenomenon. In addition, the study would present a platform for future research.

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