Artists are inspired by politics cultures, environment to create different form of art. Different statutes and paintings symbolize different things in the society.


Semiramis is an outstanding chryselephantine stature of a stunning Revue dancer by Demetre chiparus. Semiramis is a Greek name associated with the Assyrian queen Sammuramat, who  had bewitching beauty and anger  issues. The statute  is made of  bronze with a distinct  gilt, its surface is enameled  heavily  and its limbs are hand carved from ivory, the face  hoisted in a beautiful ivory, onyx  based shape.

One cannot help but admire the intricate detail depicted in these great piece of art .What is surprising is the perfect combination of materials such as bronze, silver, all in one piece to produce a wonderful artistic effect. The other amazing fact about this piece is the quality of the materials. Sammuramat is the founder of the Babylonian empire, with the help of experts she constructed the famous Babylonian hanging gardens and led troops to conquer the entire Middle East. She also played a significant role in the attack and the invasion of Kush and India. Women at that time were perceived to be weak  and unable to defend themselves but she changed history in her efforts  and confronted societies common perceptions. She introduced a culture of taking leadership roles among women .She was self relian, and never liased or involved the government in her pursuits to conquer more territories.

Many viewed her as the daughter of the goddess and her son Semiramis took after her in every manner, sons are not expected to take after their mother’s characteristics but he introduced culture of men taking the characteristics of women. She is also known for a pursuit for king Ara of Armenia who after rejecting her advances she led an army against his rule.

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Achilles at the Сourt of King Lycomedes

Greek artwork form that shows several women in a palace, staring at the one who is drawing the sword above his head.acchilles is the woman on the centre.achiles was send by his mother to the king palace in order to avoid being recruited for war.

Having known his son would never leave the battlefield alive, she advised him to disguise himself as a woman.Ulysseson who is in the far left of the piece of art is looking for Achilles so that he may be recruited as a soldier. In this painting, he acts as a jeweler selling jewels to women in the palace .The painting shows both female and male attributes. In dressing like the loving and caring women, he shows the feminine attributes and in pulling the sword over his head his masculine attributes .The two column on the background shows the duality of his gender. This shows how Kauffman goal of uniting male and female in the society. In view of Ulysses, he emphasizes masculinity on the male character in order to create balance between male and female characters.

Alexandr Sarcophagus

Sarcophagus of battle scene is a four-paneled statute depicting the fights between the Macedonians and Persians in battle. It shows Alexander the great in battle in his lions cap shape in his horse fighting Persian cavalryman, while next to their fight is another Macedonian   facing a Persian infantryman the plaque shows only four figures that are fighting passionately. It also shows the two of them stepping on a few wounded soldiers. One cannot help but appreciate the detail in this statute, from the sword to the shield and to the wall. The art is simple to understand and able to notice Perdiccas at the right Hephaestion right . This piece of art evoke deep emotions in people; this is because one is able to notice the hatred and the passion between the fighters. The reason that it is appealing is that it connects to people emotionally.

‘Munich Still Life’ (1882) by William Michael Harnett

‘Munich still life’ is a painting done by  M. Harnett it consists of  several musical scripts falling off the table ,a golden jar placed on a wooded table as well as several voluminous books disorderly placed around the table. Harnett uses the still life painting to show the nineteenth century musical culture not just in America but also across the world. This art piece shows only one culture, it should be able to portray the many cultures associated with that time.

Homage to Victory Boogie Woogie (Abstract Geometric Art)

In the Homage to Victory Boogie Woogie smith portrays the creation of non-objective art. The painting is filled with huge and small squares, filled with different colors such as orange, red grey black, against a beige background. The large squares are surrounded by the small squares. Smith was greatly influenced by the art forms of Brancusi and Mondrian’s art. It is neutral because it does not evoke strong emotions to the observer.

Lorenzl j. Andrea

Andrea is one of the greatest a stature was done by Lorenzl.This bronze stature represents the perfectionist era. The statute shows a jumping curvaceous woman, it is made of bronze and ivory showing a petite young female figure with long legs, showing elegance and fluid movement. Lorenz   was inspired by the feminine figure and shows the newly found freedom among women. The art form shows how women are enjoying their newly found freedom to pursue many things in life. This painting to connect to people very well and is symbol of life and joy. Le reveil is a sculpture that shows a stretching woman, the sculpture was made by Paul Philippe the stature is made up of bronze and ivory, it shows the modern woman who is cares about her looks and enjoys her life. The French nationality glorifies the feminine beauty in this sculpture. It is no wonder that his painting is sought after by beauty parlors across the world.

Vienna Bronze Bulldog

Bulldog is a sculpture made Vienna Bronze, which shows a brown bulldog, it is made by painting raw bronze with enamel colors giving it a shiny finish. The nineteenth century statute was made to show different lifestyle of communities in Europe. Artists are inspired by current happenings to create art pieces; many artists have created great artist work after inspiration from their surrounding environment. The world is full of different cultures this is one of the motivation behind creation of art.

However, in America politics helps shape culture this is through civilization of its people, there is more threat that politics poses to culture than of any deliverance politics might offer for culture. The United States culture is a Western culture, and has been developing ever since United States became a country with its own unique characteristics and developments such as dialect, music, arts, cuisine. United States of America today is now a multi-cultural country as result of a lot of immigration from many countries in the world. In the history of American culture in relation to spiritual, Christianity dominates as the common religion brought in the world by European settler.

Culture in United States of America underlines human behavior in the society. What people do, like, and dislike, what they consider and do not consider, and what they value and discount. As culture goes on to build up and evolve, so will the trends develop too.

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