The Guide to Crisis Intervention is a nuts-and-bolts guide that provides people with enough skills that are necessary for effective crises management. The author, Kristi Kanel seeks to help people, especially the counselors in solving the world problems. She clearly defines what a problem entails when an event brings up a crisis. Kristi gives three ways into dealing with a problem, giving examples of everyday life that can cause crisis. The book is more inclined into solving the social problems of the human beings that can plague an individual’s personal development. After reading the 4th edition of Kristi’s book, I present an analysis about my view. I also find it wise to include my thought regarding the book and the author, as well as its time significance on the publication.

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The book gives an effective approach to help in the handling crisis that affects the population today. The author asserts that for any person to intervene, he or she ought to first identify the crisis. This is done by determining whether the crisis presents danger or an opportunity. More so, it is encouraging to have a rapport about the crisis and maintain it. The book also encourages coping with the crisis that can be attained through sessions of counseling. The author advises people on how to handle rape cases, old age abuse, and confidence matters among many ethical and moral issues.

The book is straightforward to understand how a problem begins having relations to the real life examples drawn in the book. The highlighted examples create an exciting reading motivation. The author’s move to note down how persons can deal with daily life crisis is a noble and encouraging deed. Her thoughts of helping the society are noble and it is a pleasant and impressive work in means of the social workers career.

The timing in the publication is decidedly essential in not only America, but also in the world where there are everyday crises for men and women to solve. The book was published at the  time when social evils like rape and abuse were rampant.

In conclusion, the Guide to Crisis Intervention (3rd or 4th) by Kristi Kanel is a book that focuses on helping the social workers such as counselors to solve people’s crisis. With the use of examples of crisis plaguing mankind, it is an epic of realizing and acknowledging that the society needs social help.

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