Proper organization of a workplace is vital for work efficiency, as well as for comfort and safety of a worker. It is particularly important when speaking about human-computer interaction. In the last decades a number of professions have become computerized. This has proved to be rather effective in terms of productivity. However, working with a visual display often leads to various health problems, namely sight disorders.

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In order to avoid inconveniences, several ergonomic principles should be considered while designing a workstation, especially when dealing with non-conventional environment. If a seated operator needs to monitor a visual display in a dark room, special attention should be paid on such details as location, colors, contrast, lighting, etc.

First of all, the disposition of furniture and equipment must be taken into account. According to Chris Adams (2012), posture of a worker should not be unnatural. The screen should precisely match the level of human eyes. Besides, it has to be placed in at least twenty centimeters distance from face. What is more, a desk should include a keyboard tray matching the level of worker’s elbows.

Speaking about the usage of colors, careful consideration should be given to the fact that the working environment is dark. Consequently, particular parameters of contrast must be chosen. An operator must distinctly see the displayed objects. In addition, the sight should not be distracted to the periphery. For this reason, the color of walls, furniture and equipment should be dark. Inversely, the display background should be light. The monitored objects also have to be dark. However, too sharp contrast may result in the eye strain. For this reason, the best way will be to choose black font and light-grey background.

To conclude, it should be said that small details very often play a crucial role in the proper organization of a workplace. Before decorating the office, interior designers should thoroughly study the risk factors and health hazards of a particular occupation. What is more, the workers should pay attention to their safety and keep to the main ergonomic principles. 

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