Question1: Gun manufacturing

According to Hemenway, manufacturing of guns is becoming lethal while it’s less regulated than any other consumer product. This is because ammunitions and guns are free of the health regulation and federal safety whose action is to help lead a marked decrease in deaths and injuries. Additionally, there is very little information about companies that manufacture guns and the major manufacturing companies are privately held.

Manufacturers have been able to stay in this radar because most of the manufacturers are subsidiaries of foreign companies whereby they conceal their information that the government regularly reveal. The national authority and the congress do not broadly examine industries that deal with firearms. Profits, sales, and ownership are unavailable publicly and the number of these guns sold in the product line is secretly held .

Question 2: Guns are getting more lethal

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Other products continues to be safer in terms of transportation and healthcare because they are subjected to consumer product safety commission, food and drug administration, national highway traffic safety administration and other national regulatory agencies. Guns on the other hand are more deadly because these companies are free from these regulations and record concerning health, safety, and injury prevention are not available.

Manufacturers get more lethal guns, which are more expensive since the manufactures are interested more in profits and sales rather than public health. To control these guns with greater lethality, the congress or the government should pass laws that regulate injuries caused by these guns. They should develop tight gun control laws that also punish the people that sell these weapons and ban the use of the assault weapons. Handguns should be registered before owning them and gun sellers should have licenses.

Question: 3 Gun manufacturers and criminal justice system

Gun control efforts would be easier if the criminal justice system and gun manufacturers worked together since it will increase the chance of the criminal justice systems in identifying the gun traffickers and illegal firearms market. Together with the records of the criminals, it will be easier the first suspects who have illegal firearms hence making their investigation easier. Use of computer system will make their work easier since they will be able to track guns that are illegally sold to the people including the young generation, which are the main targets for the sellers.

Question 4: Gun Control Measures that are not legally in Chapter 8

The other control measures that can possibly reduce accidents caused by guns are: have a background check and waiting for the gun for five days before it is purchased in order to ensure the person has no criminal reports and hence would not cause harm to people. Approve compulsory registration of the handguns, and congress to investigate practices done in the gun industries in order for them to produce guns that are safe.

Some of the control measures that are less effective are such as police allowing one to own a gun before purchasing since some of the police are corrupt and may not follow this measure and people will end up having illegal guns. Obligatory registration of long guns only such as rifles is also a measure that is not effective since people will turn to the hand guns which are also dangerous and can be easily concealed.

Question 5:  Policy Lessons with Hemenway in Chapter 9

The gun advocates sometimes emerge as inflexible, pessimistic, and doctrinaire to an extent that they are unable to see a range of alternatives of punitive policies. They make claims about benefits of firearms and these claims are usually not supported by any literature. This gives the limitations of the gun advocates. Public health approach on the other hand, is flexible, pragmatic, and optimistic. They can succeed in many fields and can uses policies that improve the health of all people and hence can affect the public safety positively. Hemenway work is advisable and can be a benefit to many nations in order to improve public health.

Question 6: What role can manufacturers play in coming up with long term solutions? Who is to blame for the suffering that these groups of people are going through?

The blame of risk of firearms among the young should be to the government, manufacturers, and the society. Government should come up with regulations that aim at improving the security of the firearms especially the young children. The society should come up with programs that teach on safe use of firearms. Manufacturers on the other hand, should implement regulations during the production of the guns that can trace a bullet from the gun that has fired in order to get trace the criminals.

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