Physical education lessons are necessary for every student and are carried out in a variety of ways. There are sports that have some elements of competition or fun, activities that can be rewarding for your health, and there are some tiring activities which students are forced to do at the lessons. One of such difficult and tiring activities for me is running. I am more than convinced that not everyone has to run miles at the physical education lessons at school. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to bring up the problem enforcement of every student to participate in running activities at school and to offer an alternative or some other solution. 

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The necessity of regular physical exercises for youth cannot be denied. Modern life style encourages young people to be lazy that often leads to obesity. Children should be doing sports and keeping themselves physically strong and fit. Sometimes, physical education lessons are the only time when children do sports because not many of them like exercising at home. Thus, they have to be stimulated to exercise at school. One of the most important parts of conducting the physical education lessons is keeping students interested. If students have an option to do something of their particular interest, it will be much easier for them to stay physically active.

I agree that some physical activities have to be mandatory for all students at school. However, not everyone similarly enjoys and is similarly good at all kinds of sports. Some people prefer running while some are better in playing basketball or volleyball. Moreover, not everyone is similarly trained and has the same level of physical endurance. It is often neglected how differently people’s bodies react to certain levels of the physical load. Health issues like heart problems, asthma, and other serious illnesses might hinder some students to reach the needed results at exercising and running. Not only it is difficult and unpleasant for children with health problems, but it can also be dangerous and harmful. Such children, who, despite having health problems, are forced to do all physical activities at school, often get put off exercises in general. This is what makes them hate physical education and exercises for the rest of their lives (Conor 2007).

Taking into account all the reasons listed above, I believe that physical activities at school, including running the mile, have to be optional. Coaches have to be concerned about every child; it means that they have to be ready to offer physical activities, which suit best for every student. It might involve introducing such types of physical activities, which would attract students who are not very good at the ones traditionally offered at schools. For instance, less difficult and stressful activities like martial arts, ping pong, yoga, or tai chi can be a great alternative. They do not require special physical training and can be easily handled by students with health issues. Moreover, some students will simply prefer doing yoga or martial arts rather than being forced to run the mile. However, these physical activities still have a positive effect on students’ health (Conor 2007).

Therefore, there should not be any type of physical activity forced to children at schools. All students have to be offered a range of options to find what they really like and what type of activity they are most comfortable with. It cannot be assumed that everyone will succeed and, the most important, benefit from running the mile in the same way. That is why I strongly believe that giving a choice to the students like me will make them enjoying physical education and will encourage them to stay physically active.

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