The state of Georgia is one of the numerous states in the United States of America bordering the Atlantic Ocean invaded by the Spain around the year 1540. It was under colony for along time until when the Declaration for independence of the USA was signed leading to free governing of all the states of the USA by the American citizens. Its position and resources enhanced its development into a place of commerce increasing the population. The many rivers add to the beauty and its natural resources endowment. The state governed programs in conjunction with the federal govern programs have provided the Medicaid and Medicare respectively in the state for a long time (Investopedia, 2010).

However, the increased population coupled with the endowed natural resources creates threats to the health of the citizens and members of the state. Provisions of the Medicare has focused so much on the risky groups including the pregnant women, children, elderly or aged, and the citizens with disability. It has not cared for the rest of the citizens with the same importance and urgency. This plan outlines why there is a need for an additional healthcare plan for the big population of the state. It gives the statement of the problem, mission and objectives and conclusion in addition to the financial aspect of the plan.

Mission Statement

The mission of the new healthcare plan is to provide improved quality non-profit healthcare facilities to all without discriminating by age, gender, or race through skills and competency, and sponsoring services relating to the needed healthcare. This mission statement will ensure good management of the plan in order to achieve its objectives (Statehealthfacts, 2010).

Statement of the problem that P-Plan will address

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This motivational factor of fewer people receiving Medicare and Medicaid has helped in the development of a suitable plan to help minimize the discrepancy. It is a plan that will enable the state members to access affordable healthcare facilities to improve the living standards of the people. In addition to this motivating factor, Medicare has proved to be very expensive to the taxpayers (Statehealthfacts, 2010). It is a state funded program together with the Medicaid also funded by the state in conjunction with the federal government. It will be proper if the persons paying for these services through taxes get better and affordable healthcare services without discrimination (Investopedia, 2010).

The P-plan developed is to ensure rewarding of the taxpayers as well for the effort they put in paying the taxes to enhance government spending on public goods. It also focuses on the issue of limited coverage of the healthcare by the Medicaid and Medicare. They have two scopes, the mandatory, and the optional. This means that under the programs, an individual may fail to get the required healthcare since he or she is uncovered to enjoy that benefit.  

The Need for the P-Plan

According to the statistics, 2.6% of the population of the state enjoys the benefits of the Medicare services leaving the 97.4% out to struggle on their own.  As a percentage of the total population, this represents a percentage figure of about 15% a very low percentage compared to non-enrolled 85%. There has been a great discrepancy in the provision of the healthcare services to tall the members of the state (Investopedia, 2010).  

The expenditure on the programs has increased significantly over the years. Between 2000 and 2004, the increase was about 43.7% form a $ 205.7 billion to $ 295.9 billion. Government spending is obtained from the tax revenue and other funding with tax taking a greater percentage. This means that people are contributing a lot of money with only the selective groups benefiting with so many conditions attached to the benefits. There is need free and fair access to healthcare by the citizens irrespective of the group one belongs. After all, everyone id paying taxes and hence need to benefit fro the government expenditure on the provision of healthcare.

Audience and Contribution to the P-Plan

The audience of these plan classified into three include the beneficiaries, the donors and the government. The beneficiaries are going to be the citizens of United States of America but specifically the people residing at Georgia State. The plan once implemented will see them get better healthcare facilities without any discrepancies whatsoever. They will be entitled to full medical cover as opposed to the one offered by Medicaid and Medicare that only gives specific cover to the persons in the governmental groups engaged in the provision of the healthcare services.

The donors are going t judge whether the plan is viable for them to offer the financial aid for the implementation of the project. It is worthy to note that the project will be a non-profit making entity and thus the need for financial support without expecting returns. They will also be able to assist in giving financial advice to the plan on how, after launching the plan we will be able to sustain it until the end without any profits. They will helps in ways through which we can meet the expenses and the costs involved in the launching of the healthcare plan for the Georgia citizens and Americans as a whole.

The government will provide a framework that will ensure that the different healthcare plans in force do not clash. It will also assist with the required resources since the plan is non-profit making plan. In addition, it will enhance peace, equality, and unity in the implementation of the plan effectively.

Complete case statement: Mission statement, Goals, Objectives, Organizational History, Structure, and the Fundraising Plan

Case statement Introduction

The state of Georgia has received so much healthcare facilities and services from the government. It has done these using taxes to pay for the treatment offered. This however has been based on certain groups such as pregnant women, children, poor people, and the disable. The plan is not criticizing the good work done by the government, both state and federal but appreciates the system and calls for a more comprehensive and all-inclusive healthcare in addition to the Medicaid and Medicare already in effect. The plan will try to incorporate everyone who pays taxes and provide a better all-inclusive medical care to every member residing in Georgia State.

Mission Statement, Objectives, and the Goals

The mission statement is to provide improved quality non-profit healthcare facilities to all without discriminating by age, gender, or race through skills and competency, and sponsoring services relating to the needed healthcare. This mission statement will ensure good management of the plan in order to achieve its objectives. In this regard, it will have various objectives, which will include:

  • To provide the best funeral services in Monroe and its surrounding
  • To start and maintain cremation services to the desired customers
  • To provide healthcare services to all the residents without discrimination
  • To be the most profitable funeral home in the next 3 years owning 65% of the marker share

Our goal is to hit the funeral market very new exciting products and attain a markets share of about 75% in the next 5 years.

Organizational history

The organization founders shall be named after the first completion is done. The history will be written based on the date of launching the project, the donors with its objectives, vision and mission attached to the plan proposal.

Fundraising Plan

We are going to have three sets of fundraising. First, anybody having the desire to contribute will be given the account to deposit the money followed by a collection between the pioneers of the plan. Thereafter we shall have the biggest fundraising at a date that will be communicated sooner. The third phase will bring together dignitaries from the government, donors, and all the private sector who would want the plan to be launched.

Structure and Management of the Plan

The plan will be in three phases as well; acquisition of our offices, employment of the personnel and the enumerating the members who shall start benefiting from the program. The plan once established will be managed by a board of directors who will be in charge of every process that takes place in the plan. The hierarchy of authority flows from the chairperson of the board who will be answerable to the promoters of the plan. Within the organization, a managing director assisted by departmental heads in-charge of each department will head all the activities. In each department, there will be various employees assisting in daily operations.

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