The health is the greatest treasure that person could have. As the matter of fact, it cannot be bought for money and it is impossible to sell it. It is doubtless, that health is a good stem for everyone to reach any goal. So, person should appreciate and take care of one’s health.

Some people were born with particular diseases, while another make away with their strong health. It seems to be ridicules to be unserious or ignorant about their safe and sound. However, America faces great health problems related to peoples’ ignorance. Simple rules of healthy lifestyle help people avoid obesity and type 2 diabetes.

This research paper investigates easy and comfortable ways to protect health and wellbeing of the person. Obesity is a great problem for America nowadays. According to statistics more than one – third (approximately 36 %) of American adults are obese (CDC). Child and adolescent obesity reaches 17 percents in the USA. Obesity – related conditions are directly connected with type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, strokes and some certain types of cancer. Solely, obesity leads to preventable death. Moreover, obese people get psychological problems and loose their social position. Investigations show that level of income directly affects on obesity. e.g.: lower income women are more likely to be obese than women with high income.

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Let learn what obesity is. When fat accumulate over person’s body, it has harmful effect on the organism and health. The person is considered obese if his or her body weight is 20 % higher than it normally should be. Body Mass Index (BMI) should be 25 – 29. If the BMI gets over 30, the person is overweight. It is easy to calculate own BMI. Actually, the BMI is a kind of measurement derived from person’s height and weight. Such measurement helps to estimate healthy body weight and prevent obesity (MNT).

Obesity is thought to be the primary cause of type 2 diabetes. This sickness might be described by high blood glucose. The context of insulin resistance or relative insulin deficiency is big. The person became insulin dependent. The insulin is vital for body to accept glucose for energy. As the matter of fact, the glucose is the only fuel for cells in the body. Therefore, person’s nutrition directly affect on preventing or development of the very disease (ADA). Millions of Americans have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and many more are at a high risk of being ill. This research paper aims to help people get know the ways to prevent and avoid either obesity or type 2 diabetes. Medics insist that the best way to be healthy is adequate lifestyle. There are two many reasons that influence upon person’s wellness.

Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle consists of complex actions that help one fell good, healthy and active. The first and very important element in healthy lifestyle is giving up all harmful habits (smoking, drinking, light drug abusing etc.). A sedentary lifestyle impacts seriously on the person’s health as well. Not sleeping enough exhausts body making it vulnerable to different diseases. Consuming too many calories or unhealthy food (some type of food, which interferes with lipid metabolism) make people suffer from obesity.

The key factors in the development of obesity or some other metabolic diseases are lack of physical exercises and poorly-balanced diet.  It is evident that healthy nutrition allows person both to control one’s weight and avoid nasty illnesses.

Person’s nutrition and health are related. Therefore, healthy food is very important. This paper is aimed to discover fundamental rules that put up the healthy nutrition.

The first step to healthy life and nutrition is resistance all fat and fried meal, butter, oils, crème etc. person can feed one’s body with grains, vegetables and fruits. Natural substances include all needed vitamins and minerals for healthy living. Trying to feed healthy, person must remember about variety of meal and its nutrition value. For instance, it is important to pay attention to what one eat. There are pasta, bread, couscous, and other dishes made of wheat. Thinking of taste, these dishes are different, but thinking of their nutritive value, these meals are similar, because they are made of the same material.

Some people start healthy life program, because of their interest to be healthy, other deal with it because of obesity or alternative health problems. No matter what is the reason of healthy nutrition, the most important point in such nutrition is to reduce sugar and sweets. It is possible to consume sugar and sweets for those people who are dealing with a diet because of own decision. Anyway, they should moderate amount and type of such sweets. Persons, who are fighting with overweight, should forget about sweetmeats. The other event that is important in healthy nutrition is buying the no-salt added meal or salt reduced products. It is known that drinking plenty of fluid has positive impact as well. As the matter of fact, dieticians ask people drink natural water without gas. It is considered as the healthiest one.

Healthy nutrition

Healthy nutrition is a vital part of healthy life style without healthy nutrition, person cannot does sport or feel good as well. A harmful food acts like a poison. It acts slowly, getting to each cell of our body and make it weak. In result, person gets unstable immune system, weaken organism and overweight. It is important to remember that not only what one eats but how does one eat is very important as well. Eating on the run, rushing, stressing conditions all these effect greatly on human’s organism. Nutritionists advise to relax and enjoy the meal, devote more time for cooking and avoid fast – foods.

In the modern America, there exists a problem with obesity and consequences it brings. Nevertheless, by own giddiness, obese people did a great harm for their bodies and health. Not active lifestyle and unhealthy footing made their bodies stall and ugly. So, healthy eating and lifestyle give people vitality and energy for life; help a person to keep the weight that’s right for him or her. Healthy lifestyle, keeps people to boost the immune system and be healthy. Its not surprise any more that healthy meal able improve sports performance. Natural meal also delays the effects of aging. With balanced nutrition person might be active and fit into old age. It is obvious that diet products might help beat tiredness and fatigue. In light of this, it is possible to say that healthy eating helps people to enhance ability to concentrate and even alter the mood. Anyway, the biggest benefit of healthy nutrition and lifestyle is avoiding serious diseases such as heart sicknesses, type 2 diabetes, gallbladder ect.

In conclusion it is compulsory to say that the main duty of this research paper is to prove people that we do not live to eat, we eat to live. Healthy nutrition leads to healthy life. Only healthy person can be happy. Healthy life requires great efforts but the benefit it brings worth those pains. Nevertheless, obese person is socially and physically disable. There are a lot of problems that follow overweight people. Medics appeal people to monitor food they consume and be active in everyday life.

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