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After a careful thought on the matters of education, Albert Einstein stated that, “Education is what is left after you forget all the things you memorized in school.” From this statement, it is very clear that learning is a process that requires keen attention and noticeable results. One does not just become educated by going to school. It is until the application of what was learnt is realized by producing meaningful results. This was a well thought out argument based on critical thinking skills. Critical thinking requires certain skills from the executor, such as the ability to take charge over thinking processes. It demands that people come up with techniques and standards of making an analysis out of their personal ability to think and apply skills of critical thinking to promote the standards as well as the results of the decision being made. It is obvious that this statement was made out of a careful consideration of the state of affairs in the educational process.

A student, who thinks critically before drawing conclusions or making decisions on something, is expected to understand several complex skill combinations. The skills that are paramount in the development of a critically thought decisions are: self-awareness, rationality, open mindedness, clear judgment and discipline. By conquering such skills as seen here, a student making finality about something can stand a better chance of solving even the smallest mysteries that occur in our day-to-day lives. This differs from being a student who does not think critically. There is no realization of the relevance and the order of the alternative assumptions and perspectives in the subject matter. This way, the evidence cannot be weighed truthfully. Being self-aware, a student realizes the assumptions he or she has made much better and looks at the matter from different viewpoints. Open-mindedness permits an individual to admit new explanations, since information should be based on facts rather than emotions. Discipline basically helps to avoid rushed judgments along with irrational appeals that so often cloud human mind.

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