Hip-Hop dates back to the 1970s. Over the years, it has grown tremendously and developed into a culture. The dance includes styles such as breaking, locking and popping. The dance was developed by Latino and Black Americans. Unlike other dances, hip-hop is freestyle in nature. Hip-hop dancers often participate in dance battles and the shows are thrilling and captivating. Recently, I had a chance to attend the renowned Breakin’ Convention 2011. It is an international festival of hip-hop dance theatre that runs for three days.  It has been for held for eight years in a row. It is held at Sadler Wells Theatre on Rosebery Avenue in London.

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There were thirty three dance groups in the lineup for the three days that the festival would run. These groups were drawn from all over the world. Each group was representing its country. Dance offensive (UK) had the opportunity to open the festival on 30th April, 2011. The dance group was outstanding through its well-presented moves. The group was represented by three members who showcased their expertise in hip-hop dance styles. They explored the theme of sexual assault and the effects of not speaking out.  The group choreography comprised of tango, capoeira, physical theatre and break-dancing.

Throughout their presentation, the dancers were energetic and were keen on displaying emotions in order to pass on their theme message. Their enthusiasm while dancing was overwhelming and they kept the crowd glued to their routine. The speed of their styles was dependent of the style. The tango dance style was fast as it portrayed a girl who was being harassed. At this point, it was performed by a duet while the third dancer stood at the background. Break-dance- on the other hand, was slow and was performed as a trio.

Their routine was accompanied by theatrical lighting. This gave emphasis on the situation that was being portrayed by the dance moves. The lighting was in the form of color. Blue color emphasized on the night scenes when the victims are assaulted. It also emphasized the seclusion that a victim goes through when they do not speak of an injustice done to them in form of assault. Red color was also used as an emphasis of the passion that is depicted through talking about the experience that the victim was going through. Green color represented the calmness with which the society deals with the victim.

The costumes of the group played a crucial role in passing on the intended message. This was because they displayed the effects that may result from dressing skimpily. Despite passing on the message about the actual assault, they explored the contributory factors to assault. The routine also comprised of solos where each of the dancers was break dancing. For instance, there was a solo act of a girl who was about to get assaulted. The duet presented in form of a tango dance represented the actual assault. The trio not only showcased expertise in dancing, but also passed on a moral message to the audience. It was a routine with purpose.

The dance routine presented by Dance Offensive was highly educative. In addition to this, it was an advanced form of hip-hop that sought to enhance connection with the audience. It showed the growth that is being experienced in the hip-hop world. It is a breathtaking piece that people should search for and ensure that they watch. It is also entertaining and it covers an extremely crucial topic affecting today’s society. It was a representation of young people who are utilizing their leisure time in a constructive manner. This is advancement towards ensuring that immorality is edged out of the society.

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