China becomes one of the most influential players in the world in all spheres both in the economics field and political scene. This paper investigates the relationship between China and the United States, defines circumstances under which China could become more influential and shift United States to second place. This essay describes necessary steps and transformation in the ideological backgrounds that should be taken and approved to create powerful China defeating America.

Yan (n.p.) states that many of the world leading nations perceive China as an equal member of the international community that every year increases economic turnover and has a great impact on the world market and society. Taking into consideration that United States as a recognized global leader would insist on maintaining its leadership in particular in the military field, authority conflict of influence on the global market redistribution between America and China is inevitable.

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Yan (n.p.) points that his thoughts and beliefs are based on the postulates of the realism theory. Such a statement is confirmed by the vision of China as a main regulator and main actor in the international relations defining the direction of development and inside society’s structure based on its own interests.  The author declares that China could defeat America and it will be the realm of morality in the international relations.

Morally informed political leaders in China will create a society without inherent particularly to the United States gap between rich and poor. State policy based on moral norms is a foundation of the long term relationships. Yan considers the possibility of China’s ideological victory over America when applying not a hegemony leadership projected by the United States but a human authority leadership. The main weakness of the hegemonic power is indifference to the morality and aggression against opponents (Yan n.p.).

Yan (n.p.) stated that in case China will follow the human authority style of society leading based on the morality background, than other countries in particular the United States that take into account only economic and military power will not withstand.  The author calls to shift attention, efforts and wasted public money spent on the fight in the economic sphere to the political leadership. He underlines that long term interstate relationships are never built on some economic aid. Yan (n.p.) argues “humane authority begins by creating a desirable model at home that inspires people abroad”.  It means that China should act on the higher level relating to the people faith in state justice and wisdom rather than addressing economic issues. Harmony in Chinese society based on the social equality, elimination of political corruption and money worship as the highest good are ways to become a country to which the international community will listen and whose leadership style will unite less powerful countries.

Confrontation between China and United States

Confrontation unfolds as a struggle between two views on leadership and power manifestation. However, China’s leaders have to pay attention to the strengths of the United States governmental policy that allow this country having so many allies and should not try to possess a first place in these fields. First of all, America’s military might is the main strength that other countries regard beginning the relationships with this country. Hegemony of the United States is military underpinned. State policy in the military field is rather controversial but the fact the USA can lead three war simultaneously instills confidence in the power of the U.S. Army. China that has not been involved in any military conflict for more than 27 years is far behind in this area.

With the aim to guarantee the support for countries-friends involved in the long-term mutually benefited relationships, China should conduct more wise diplomatic policy than America. China should be the leader in regional alliance of countries. Yan (n.p.) gives an example of “model of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization – a regional forum that includes China, Russia and several central Asian countries”.

Moreover, meritocracy is a possible trump for China. Representatives of the authority bodies of the state should be an example of integration of perfect administrative skills and the best personal virtues. Yan (n.p.) promotes international exchange of best minds and personalities to create a better country with wise and professional governance. The author underlines also that modern new leaders are capable to place high-quality political leadership higher than race for material wealth. Only such leaders advocating human authority could unite less powerful countries and provide support and help in their development.

The United States of America is extremely strong country by the number of allies and military power. However, for China the rule to fight the main enemy by its methods is impossible. Therefore, political leadership based on moral principles, the rejection of the ideology of the society division into enormously rich and poor, applying the principles of social equality is the way to win over the American “war machine”. It is essential for China to not to fight in a field where the rival prevails but to put pressure on its weaknesses in particular social structure of society and faith in the political elite. China should demonstrate that meritocratic leaders do not see the achievement of tremendous economic growth by all means as a basis for any decision but invest in harmonious development of society with long-term perspective. This perspective will lead China to prosperity and unite China’s allies in a greater quantity and quality than America.

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