For part one of my assignment, I choose the situation where I am the chief editor of a big metropolitan daily newspaper and one of my journalists is caught fabricating sources and making up facts.  It has been taught, whether in school in news-writing classes or in graduation at ongoing tutoring seminars or in books, that stating the facts is essential. A fabrication is a lie told when somebody presents a declaration as certainty, devoid of knowing for sure whether or not it is essentially accurate. Even though the declaration may be feasible or reasonable, it is not anchored in truth (Adler, 1997, p.436).

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This is an extremely contentious situation for any main news channel since it intimidates the reliability of the whole organization, jeopardizing critical lashings and the reduction in profits and viewers or readers.  It is this organizations responsibility to offer precise and candid news to the public and I suppose taking a threat by disregarding or covering up this condition is an exceptionally terrible option to take (Adler, 1997, p.450).  As the chief editor, I would be sincere with my readers and notify them of the imprecision in the news presented by that specific journalist.  Basically, we should make an apology and take recognition for the inaccuracies being made, but moreover make it extremely apparent that the responsible party has been expelled and relieved of his obligations of coverage for that particular organization. 

With the news media having changed drastically, thou for better, it has increased the competition rate between journalists and newspaper companies. Although competition can be a good thing it has pushed reporters to do incredible things for their respective companies. Since we are one of the major metropolitan daily news publications in the region, we are dedicated to generating the most excellent materials. I am incredibly grateful to have the finest of the top workers. My workers are entirely dedicated to bringing out their best in work.  Every media corporation desires to be on peak and produce the most recent anecdote earliest at all times (Mallary, 2011, 4-5). However recently, my metropolitan daily paper was highly questioned for fabricating sources and framing information in one of our main accounts towards the end of previous month.  This turned out to be a total mess to handle I addition to ensuring our daily readers that we are indeed reliable, truthful, and precise.

I suppose readers will admire and value the sincerity given.  If you basically disregard or conceal the inaccuracies that have been made, you make the whole company come out as corrupt, rather than the single individual that made-up the information and gave false facts to the public.  You accept what occurred, who was accountable, the consequence of their actions, the measures that your company has taken, and you publish the renunciations that are required to report.  You should not try to work your way around the problem and if you attempt to, you are taking a huge threat that could cause you even additional criticism and damage the status you have put up with your devoted readers (David, 2011, 6). 

This company has both social and ethical accountability to the public to give precise and reliable information. Furthermore, they have to put up with the regulations when it comes to news coverage.  Ignoring false reports and fabrications made by a specific coverage, risks having lawful measures taken against you by the public and the individuals openly connected with the reports. If a journalist is caught fabricating basis and framing facts, any highly regarded news source will broadcast and give an account of that to the public and elucidate what the accurate facts actually are, rather than tolerate the deception to go undisclosed (Mallary, 2011, ¶7-8). Rather than fabricate, the journalist should concurrently tell the fact while still organizing and highlighting the whole story to guide the reader to the desired conclusion. Such organizing and highlighting the facts is where a great deal of the writer’s proficiency lies.

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