Human nature describes the distinctive personality, including habits of thinking, emotion and behavior that human beings seem to have in nature. In this perspective many theories have sprung up to answer the questions as to why all beings do not bear similar perspective. In cognitive descriptions we would call it development of concepts; this can be for an individual, group or an organization. Peace studies deals with identification and analysis of violent and non-violent attitudes.

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In relation to the fact that war has two losers directly complements the peace studies, William saw war as a human choice rather than inevitable choice and the nations willingly decided to chose it as a response to conflict. In peace studies the conceptions of peace regard it also as human behavior out of choice. pacifism is used to describe William’s belief that the conflicts can be solved peacefully, pacifists denounces war and belief that there not any moral ground that can justify resorting to war the ideology further calls for the dissolution of military forces and no one should physical violence to achieve goals. Peace studies also state that wars have only losers and no winners. (Brock, P, & Young, N., 1999).

Cost of war is very high and both parties are affected to such reason William asks in his poem if injustice can be corrected without imposing injustice to the others. Such aspects show that at the end of the war both parties lose their citizens, property and enormous environmental destruction. Peace studies and William are two in one and bonded by the fact that they unconditionally reject all forms of warfare and no reasons can justify them. (Good reads, 2009).

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