In this book which is about migration to America, Dowell Myer examines the relation between immigration and ageing of population. He outlines that the two are separate and independent issues which are major problems as immigration leads to growth of population more than the nation can afford. Besides, the population is unskilled hence overburden their resources. Ageing on the other hand is pointed out to cause dependency as well as shortage of workers.

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Dowell explains that immigration has recently been given negative look by media and politics. They pose threat to the economy as well as way of life because the immigrants take jobs therefore lowering incomes for the native born citizens of America. In particular, Asia and Latin America are said to cause disunity by refusing to assimilate into American culture and tradition since they speak different languages; have different religion and are less likely to share housing.

Myer focuses on California terming it as a model to the American future since it is the origin of major forces of economy, demography and culture that are sweeping across America since 1970s. The American population is said to compose of over 50 percent of immigrants and their children yet it has none of the feared aspects hence being the successful settlement. Gradual acceptance has therefore been seen. However, to ensure better opportunities of the young Latino immigrants, education is necessary.

This is for the best of general society that will need their skills. Laws aimed at curbing illegal immigration can also have a chilling effect on legal immigrants. Riverside and New Jersey officials were surprised by the unexpected consequences after passing restrictive legislation. Hundreds immigrants from Brazil and Latin America left the declining town, taking with them their wages. Small businesses lost customers and shops closed. From this book, a question arises; with immigration being the remedy of ageing yet it faces criticism, how best can the ageing population be replaced?

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