The question whether the implementation of the new policy in the university requiring the collection of fingerprints of all its professors needs abroad understanding of what is ethical and morally acceptable to the government. in civil liberty of employees act. This paper seeks to determine how the implementation of this policy is unethical in relation to Plato and Socrates philosophical theory. The term ethics is used to refer to the principle which the professor is right while moral refers to what is seen as just full. In this regard, the principals that govern ruling of this argument define the way we judge and make choice to act justly.

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To start with, the collection of fingerprint is unethical since it is illegal under the labor act of America which seeks to protect the civil liberty of employees. To this effect, the act of collecting of fingerprint is direct violation of Civil liberties making the case to be a criminal offence. For this reason, the University is not observing work and labor ethics. The endorsement of this new policy indicates how the university acts unethically to make policy that contradicts and violate to the Human Rights Act of America. This move ,is not morally upright since it negatively  affect  the relationship  not only between the professors  but also the labor public  authorities concerned . It extends further to dictate not only the professors behavior but also promotes disputes in regarding to contract terms concerned with employment matters.

The matter at hand is ethical relativism and not ethical absolutism in sense that it is of the view that only the professors’ morals values and not the whole university community employees are affected. For this reason, the endorsement of the policy is unethical because as it conflicts to the liberty law procedures and practice that protect.

 Again  the policy is unethical because it violets  Civil liberties and  the rights of  freedoms that grand  an individual the  freedom from slavery and  worry , the right to defend one’s self ,the freedom not to disclose ones confidentiality and the freedom of expression.

According to Plato and Socrates philosophical theory, the policy implementation to collect finger printer is not ethical since it bars them from self actualization in sense that it does not benefit them. The policy does not add any moral happiness to the professors neither it does not have any ethical egoist nor it does not promote the well being of the professors in the university. For this reason, the policy is un ethical since it does not search for empathy nor the need for social responsibility of the professors (Mary 2000 p 30).

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