Any issue that touches on health has importance for people in the society even when it does not affect them directly. People have to take care of their health because, without health, no one can do something constructive. Ill health reduces the capacity with which people work and can impair an individual for the rest of his or her life. In recent years, the issue about health insurance has become common especially with the ever-rising cost of living. Many people wonder whether health insurance has become a necessity or people who have money should take it. Some people support health insurance while others oppose it. Each group gives its reasons that support their course of action. This paper looks at the importance of health insurance.

A health insurance program involves a service offered by insurance companies that keep people insured against certain illnesses, such as cancer, hypertension and diabetes among other illnesses. Different health insurance companies offer different options for their clients to choose. Despite the fact that different insurance companies offer different terms of health insurance coverage, they all work towards ensuring the health of people.  Health insurance requires that people pay a certain amount of money over an extended period. The money that people pay helps to pay for their hospital bills when they become hospitalized. Health insurance provides several essential services for people. People could have jobs that pay well and have a relatively good life from it. However, life brings an uncertainty of surprises. Once can have an accident or get an illness that can cost him or her. In such a case, health insurance helps in a significant manner. If the person in question took health insurance, he needs not to worry because the health insurance will cover his medical bills. He does not have to suffer the agony of looking for funds, to pay his hospital bills (Andersen, Rice, & Kominski, 2007).

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Health insurance covers require that individuals state if they have preexisted health conditions. They do this to insure people from those illnesses. For instance, in a case where an individual has cancer or high blood pressure health insurance companies require that the person opens up about his condition so that they can provide him or her with health coverage that caters for that disease. Illnesses like cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes among others become costly especially at old age because they weaken the body system, and an individual has to seek regular medical checks. Therefore, in case one takes a health insurance cover, the health insurance company takes responsibility for paying medical bills associated with the health condition that a person has.

Health insurances provide an option for family care

Illnesses come in unpredictable time and can affect any member of the family. It can come when the family has financial constraints and cannot put up with expensive medical bills that the illness may require. In case an individual had taken a family cover, the insurance company will take responsibility and pay for the medical bills that will have accumulated from the illness of a family member. Therefore, it serves to eliminate the agony of lacking enough funds that could enable people take a sick member of their family to hospital and pay for their medical bills (Nations, 2009).

People with health insurance live longer and better lives

In certain instances, people get illnesses that necessitate them to take medication for the rest of their lives. This means that these people must have the ability to buy these drugs irrespective of the financial situation that they might have in different situations. Health insurance offers a remarkable option for such people. It ensures them a chance to afford the prescription drugs even when they face difficult financial situations, thereby safeguarding their health.

Health insurance offers everyone a chance to have a medical cover

It requires that people pay a certain amount of money monthly that will cater for their medical conditions later in life or at that moment in time. This means that even those people who do not earn a lot of money can have a chance to insure their health. Health insurance cover offers different policy options that require people today different amounts of money for the policy they take. Therefore, they offer an affordable option for different people in the society who earn different amounts of salary. This means that one does not have to earn a lot of salary to take an insurance cover (Berkowitz, 2010).

Health insurance helps people to stay healthy at all times

At certain times, people feel as if their bodies do not function normally. Some people might decide to ignore and hope that they will feel better as time passes. Other people might decide to go into a chemist and get medicine that they think will help them. Others will go to a pharmacy and explain to a pharmacist of their body condition. The pharmacist will prescribe medicine for them, and then they will take the medicine. However, when an individual has taken an insurance cover, the person will easily go to the hospital because they know they do not have to pay anything. The health insurance cover makes people responsible for their health. Therefore, health insurance has importance towards maintaining proper health standards for people.

Some people argue that health insurance acts as an expensive offer for them, which requires them to pay for their health cover monthly. They state that the fact that they do not get ill every month, health insurance does not favor them. However, health insurance does not offer an expensive option because one might fall ill and need to pay a monthly medical bill equal to the money he or she pays to a health insurance firm for six months. Therefore, in such a circumstance health insurance cover becomes cheap. Other people argue that the fact that they do not fall ill often takes them out of the group that should take health insurance. However, at one point in life, people get sick and require the attention of a medical doctor. The illness might come when a person least expects it and may have a lot to do with the money at his disposal. In such a case, the health insurance will come in and help to pay for the medical bills (Berkowitz, 2010).

Medical insurance covers offer people with quality medical attention

The spread of the medical payment over a long period enables people acquire quality medical care and attention that they would not have got at any moment of their life. When the cost spreads over a long period and with the quality of medication that an individual can get from getting a health insurance cover, health insurances offer reasonable and cheap ways of obtaining cheap medical attention and care. People make decisions on the type of policy that they want the health insurance company to cover. Therefore, one can choose a policy that suits their preference (Andersen, Rice, & Kominski, 2007).

Health insurance has a remarkable importance on the health needs of people

It enables people to get quality health attention and care without suffering with the difficulty of paying the whole cost of medication at a go. It ensures that people become responsible of their health needs and enables them to live longer because of the regular health checkups that they seek. Therefore, people should embrace health insurance.

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