Drucker, Peter Drucker says that time have changed and that employee must be their own CEO’s instead of relying on the companies they work for to carve their career path. In order to live in the present ages a person has to manage him/her effectively. Everyone who wants to succeed must importantly try and figure out his/her own places, his/her own worth and know which would be the best way by which he/she would be able to contribute.

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Peter Drucker says that in order to succeed one must try and figure out one’s strengths and weaknesses. One must identify which are his/her areas of competence. One can excellent from mediocre but becoming even mediocre from below average is the most challenging. Therefore, ones first move has to be to put him/her to the primary question which is to identify the strengths and work upon them. Unless a person is able to identify his strengths he would not be able to identify areas where he/she would be able to contribute to the maximum.

Earlier the need to know strengths was not essential. Work was very mechanical. A peasant’s son became a peasant and so everything was like a legacy. However, times have changed and unless a person is dynamic he/she would find it difficult to succeed. The only way left to survive and thrive in this dynamic world is to identify the strengths.

Feedback analysis is a way method which can help a person to identify his/her strengths.  Peter Drucker says that in the event of decision making one should write down what are the expected results and then compare the actual results with the expected ones. This would help a person to identify what were the loopholes and what worked in ones favor. It would summarize the value of a person and what are the areas which can be improved. Doing this at regular intervals will help a person in identifying his/her strengths greatly.

Another question that a person needs to ask is how exactly a person performs. Peter Drucker says that every person has a different approach to work and getting things done. It is important to identify how things work with a person. People who do not work their ways but follow ways dictated by others and which are not the way their self system world are unlikely to succeed since they will not be able to extract their full potential. It is really a question of personality which directs the working of a person. One must work according to his/her personal traits.

Another important thing that a person must identify is whether a person is a reader or a listener. Peter Drucker has given example of people who were actually readers but as their peers were listeners they expected him to be a listener which resulted in lowered contributions from such persons. Thus, one must be spot on in identifying whether he/she is a reader or a listener.

A person has to also understand how he/she learns best. A person may learn by talking to himself/herself or by writing or getting a lot of second opinions. A person also should understand what his/her value system is. This is important so that a person is not stuck in situations which work against the values he/she believes in. A person should be able to see a clean image when viewing him/her in the image whenever a particular work is done.

One must also identify where one should be working, how he would be able to contribute maximum. Unless one manages him/her effectively he/she would be at odd ends in an assumed 50 years of productive period.

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