Please tell me, what made you end up in this profession of being a policewoman?

Well, it was a passion that I had since my early childhood. I grew up in a normal neighborhood but my friend lived just a couple of blocks away. It was an insecure location with plenty of security patrols who were coming on petty crimes, hence mugging my interest in ensuring safety for all. 

How do you find your job and why?

It is very interesting and cumbersome lastly. I like working in this field but there is always a risk of having a bad day, being involved in the dangerous situations where you put your life under the constant risk every day.

Would you advice any woman you know to join you in this profession?

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Well, I would say this is not an easy job that should be taken lightly. One should think very carefully of what they want and if this job surely fits them and if they can manage the possible hardships, so this is their good choice. But if they really have the passion and want to do it, they are to go ahead and give it them all.

Please, describe your job?

Well, actually it is very involving and a lot of activities come with it. There are the field rounds where we patrol the streets on our duty times. There is the part where you have to do documentation on different case files, the investigation part for some officers and before all this, there is the training part. 

Tell me what roles do you play in your case?

I am more of a patrol officer with my partner Greg. We do a lot of driving around in our patrol cars, especially visiting the places where the crime rates are high and we are always on call if extra backup is required, in case of an incidence at night.

What do you think of the thought that it is ill-advised for women to join you in your profession?

Well, that is not so far advocated, for it is very important. It prompts many women to think carefully of their choice to pursue the profession they like and hence we have a low number of women enrolling. However, those who come are tough enough and ready to take up the challenge.

What are the challenges you face as a woman in this profession?

I would say it is about segregation. Some policemen may feel as though this job is not cut out for us and requires more of a muscular touch. Also, when it comes to the suspects, they tend to underestimate us.

What makes you able to overcome these challenges?

(With a smile.) I really have no idea; maybe it’s just my calling.

If you had the opportunity for a less risky job, say teaching, would you take it?

No. I think I am already too used to this. Teaching is a good profession but I am more of outgoing.

As a police officer, what are the most frequently broken laws that you witness?

Well a lot of theft cases are either mugging, burglary or something of this sort.

Have you ever been in crossfire or any such volatile situation?

No, not really. But I have been involved in one where a mentally challenged patient held a pocket knife at a hostage, in order to evade being caught.

How do you think, what kind of perception would it be right now if you had such an experience?

Well, I would probably be more shaken by it and more alert or frightened or possibly even dropped out from the field patrols to the desk job in my offices.

As a member of the police department, do you know of people who were in the force but quited due to the risk they faced?

Yes, a number actually. Most of them had different reasons to, but I think the fact that they weren’t ready for this type of job may have had an impact on their decisions.

Now that you realized your dreams, do you have any regrets?

Not at all, just that I almost lost a friend one (partner), and that fact that you live your life in an unsettled manner if I may say isn’t so good. Your colleagues become your friends and when some get hurted, the life isn’t so great.

What would you say to the young women aspired to join your profession?

Well, first of all be very sure of what you want in the life and how you want to live it. This profession comes with its hardships and so you really have to know what you are getting into. Other than that, if you really have the passion, let none stop you.

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