Sustainability refers to processes and practices such as equitable distribution of economic resources amongst members of the society and appropriate infrastructural developments that aim at ensuring continuity of generations. For example, sustainable development concerns ways of creating social developments that effectively meet the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (Dillard, Dujin & King, 2009). According to Campbell and Mollica (2009), the concept of sustainability provides a better understanding on the interconnections between the society, economy and environment. In my view, sustainability is based on the principle that all activities of human beings should make positive contributions to the wellbeing and survival both current and future generations in their natural settings. According to Docherty, Kira and Shani (2011), sustainability enables people to create an environment that facilitates economic growth and development and provides protection to natural resources such as water, mineral resources and the environment.

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The most common types of sustainability are social, environmental and economic sustainability. Social sustainability refers to ability of communities or societies to formulate or adopt appropriate processes, practices and structures that not only meet the needs of the current generations but also provide support for future generations. Social sustainability usually concerns maintaining healthy communities with eternal continuity. On the other hand, environmental sustainability entails effective use of the environment that does not reduce its capacity to uphold future generations, for example, reduced environmental pollution. Lastly, social sustainability involves practices and processes that aim at improving the wellbeing of the people, for instance, effective leadership and governance and provision of essential services such as healthcare, education and transport services to the people. Dobson (2010) also affirms that sustainability is founded on three major pillars namely social, environmental and economic.

The infrastructural system for sustainability is effective use of various economic resources to effectively meet the needs of current generation without jeopardizing or ruining the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainability encompasses two major concepts, namely needs and limitations. A need is an essential want, necessitation or requirement which should be given adequate priority. On the other hand, a limitation is a constraint or drawback imposed by factors such as technological advancements and organizational and social structures that inhibit the ability of people to meet their needs. In order to attain sustainability, the most important issues such as social security, poverty and environmental pollution are usually given overriding priority.

The major challenges that are addressed by sustainability include environmental pollutions, high rates of population growth, irrational consumption or utilization of natural resources such as water and minerals and social conflicts. Sustainability also deals with economic growth and infrastructural developments such as creation of transport and communication networks.

For my part, I would employ an effective education and communication on sustainability by conducting awareness campaigns to teach and inform people on the importance of sustainable developments in society. For example, I would teach people on how to maximize utility of economic and natural resources without depleting them for use by the future generations. Effective communication skills and tools such as mass media and clear and open communication amongst community members would also be deployed to ensure that people become adequately informed. Similarly, appropriate marketing programs such as advertising would also be used to persuade and convince people to adopt appropriate sustainability practices and processes that ease transition and transfer of economic resources from one generation to another.

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