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1)I learnt that although all people in the world are different, all of them are equal. One cannot be better because of his/her skin or eye color. Everyone has equal opportunities for education and a better life. Diversity must not influence this. The issue of diversity is more positive than negative, because it helps to like and respect people for their inner world, not for their nationality or their appearance. 2) This information can be applied to the workplace as it teaches to treat all people equally and pay no attention to all racial prejudices that still influence people’s attitude towards different nationalities. 3) The most memorable scene from the video is when the teacher explains that blue-eyed people are much better than brown-eyed.  After such an explanation children start to behave in a different way. Brown-eyed children are discriminated and blue-eyed wear special collars. 4) There was one part of the video that surprised me. It was the situation when the adults were participating in discrimination lesson. One of the participants stated that at her work blue-eyed people are more careless and lazy than brown-eyed. 5) The impact of discrimination is seen through the children’s body language. The video shows how one of the girls is crying as she cannot be accepted to the company of her friends because of the color of her eyes. 6) It turned out that negative and positive labels placed on the group become self-fulfilling prophecies as the children who undergo discrimination get lower scores at school. Those children who are assured that they are better get higher scores. 7) I think that all people face discrimination every day. We are equal but we have different opportunities because of different welfare and level of education. 8) Children should be prepared for such an exercise because it may harm them. It demonstrates the impact of discrimination on adults.

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