Love can be interpreted as the greatest human tragedy or the most remarkable emotion that one can experience in the short time that one is alive. There are many explanations given about love, trying to quote all of them will be nothing but a futile effort. Although I would still like to go ahead and quote one of my favorite descriptions by George Gershwin, 1862; “Love is giving someone the ability of crushing you but believing in them not to.” I am at a risk of sounding like a skeptic at this point, but if I do not then it would be impossible for me to write and clearly bring out love and blind and their relationship.

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There is nothing more beautiful than experiencing true love in its entirety, because what else are we other than creatures of want and need companionship. Everywhere I look; I cannot help but see people who are in love. Am I wrong to judge them as fools who are blinded by their desire, emotions and genetic programming to have a companion? I say blinded because none of them is willing to open their eyes and see just how dangerous love is to them. They turn a blind eye to events of history, to the sad tragedies of love outcomes. They hear, they know… but this burning fire inside them forces them not to see what risk they are taking. From great kings, to great biblical prophets, to celebrities, to presidents; love has been nothing but a cause for their demise (either terms of loss power status, falling out with their religious beliefs and even loss of their lives).


I have not given examples of powerful people only to mean in any way that the average human being in terms of social status does not suffer from the same. Contrary, it is an epidemic that affects all humans irrespective of social status. Most days of the week, as I watch the prime-time news, I will not fail to come across a sad story of love gone sour. Lovers turning to murders all because of disagreements that went sour in their relationship, resulting to what is commonly termed as a crime of passion in law jargon. Why would a totally sane adult human being result to murder then suicide just because they love someone so much that they cannot fathom living without them? Why would they turn a blind eye to the beauty of life that surrounds them? What about the endless potential that they have within them? What about what they can achieve in life with or without that person? In fact, they have lived most part of their lives without this person.


But this is where the tragedy lies, and it is so unfortunate that we will all make this mistake of falling in love; despite what we see, we hear and what we read every day. From where does this blatant blindness to facts and logic, which are before our eyes, come? I wish all the scientist that research on human behavior could drop all else and focus on this subject. Maybe, just maybe there is a link between love and some sort of mental incapacitation leading to these blind choices. As humans being, we tend to learn more from other peoples experiences. Most of us have never been or even seen someone shot, maybe just in the movies, but we will run when we meet somebody with a gun. Then why do we keep running blindly to the gun called love yet we know the destructive capabilities of this `gun’?

This blindness cannot be taken in the same context as physical, but rather like a decision `blindess’; owing to the fact that we choose to do things that will ultimately hurt us despite knowing this. The feelings and emotions we develop towards the people we love are so strong that we willing to throw caution to the wind and turn a blind eye to the warning signs. It makes us willing to place our very own well being into the hands of another despite the risks. We chose to ignore all experiences and teachings albeit to feel this overwhelming emotion.

It is thus impossible to separate love from blind, and it would be fools hardy to do so. Nevertheless, living without love in itself is foolhardy considering how beautiful and fulfilling it is when it is going right. It is such a potent emotion that has enthused innumerable artists to paint masterpieces, musicians to write remarkable music and authors to pen bestselling volumes. They say there is a significant difference between being alive and living. Taking risks in life is what makes us alive, and experiencing love is one of the most life changing and memorable moments in human life. It is no wonder that we as human beings choose to accept this ‘blindness’ in exchange for this unfathomable feeling. It is not such a tragedy after all.

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