The manufacturing industry is a sector that deals with the production of goods; this includes all the intermediate processes required and the integration of a products component. It comprises the use of mechanical, physical, or chemical transformation of raw materials, substance or parts (components) into finished products. Establishments in this sector are described as plants, factories or mills that are power driven machines and equipment.  However, there are other products that are transformed into new products by hand or at the workers premise; such manufacturers’ include bakeries, candy stores, and custom tailors.

Many manufacturing establishments may process raw materials or they may contract other manufacturing companies to do it for them, it does not matter whether they have to buy processed material to be able to produce their own goods, all these fall under manufacturing. This paper is going to look at articles about manufacturing from a professional point of view and then conclude on the different evidences cited from these publications.

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Manufacturing as an industry contains various subsections, these include; Food, Textile Mills, Textile Product Mills, Apparel, Leather and Allied Product, Wood Product, Paper, Printing and Related Support Activities, Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing, Chemical , Plastics and Rubber Products, Non-metallic Mineral Product, Primary Metal, Fabricated Metal Product, Machinery Manufacturing, Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing, Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component, Transportation Equipment, Furniture and Related Product and other small manufacturing houses. As a student you have to be very careful on which subsection you will want to pursue as each subsection requires different qualifications. It is important for students to understand that your resume represents who you are on paper, your qualification, related skills, education, experience, community based activities involvement, and other relevant information is very vital towards getting a job especially in a manufacturing company.

This section will review information related to employment in manufacturing companies, most of the information contained in many statistical information material is normally obtained from established surveys from the various industries while unemployment can be gathered from a national survey of households (U. S Bureau of Labor statistics). A Great manufacturing company depends so much on the qualification of its workers, some years ago less than 50 % of the workers in a company did not have professional qualification than there high school certificates but the times are changing and every manufacture will always want to hire professionals with the necessary skill to execute jobs without supervision because of the high competition in the global marketplace (Bureau of Labor statistics U. S Department of Labor). Manufacturing markets especially in the United States are expected to be intelligent and highly skilled with specialized qualifications to perform particular tasks in the company.

The best worker can help your company to new innovations and continued success

The most looked at qualification expected from workers include; hiring people who have a good background in math, sciences and engineering, hiring highly skilled manpower is very important for the future of the company’s growth, and hiring workers that you can be able to train and promote for the sake of the company.  Manufacturing companies are able to get the best candidates for their jobs through recruitment exercises; companies will hire experts who understand the impact of employees and the employees’ skills on the ability of becoming competitive in the manufacturing market place. They can also hire a professional staffing firm or they can simply recruit workers from a technical institution and then train them their way, specific to their business.

For manufacturing companies to stay abreast with the other companies in the competitive global market, they advertise widely basically to reach the eye. They advertise not only in English but also in other languages so as they can the eyes of talented workers who might not be very good in the English language. Manufacturing companies will ask for recommendations from their workers because they understand the business well which is very important as the workers too are integrated towards the building of the company. Yet, it’s also very necessary to review the workers frequently offering them with incentives, promotions, bonuses and pay rise esp0ecially to diligent workers (Heet). Manufacturers should also offer tuition to their workers rather than hiring highly qualified expertise in their firms these will helps the employees who love the opportunity of advancing their skills but are not able to afford it on their own.  

I looked at the labor force, employment and earnings and managed to get statistics on the force, its distribution depending with the occupation and industry affiliation, the supply and demand for labor and the conditions or terms for such. I realized that the average hourly earnings in private manufacturing companies were at 8.45% in 2005, in 2009 it improved to 8.88% and in 2011 the earnings have greatly improved. The treads are showing the wages are improving. The employment situation for March 2011 according to Bureau of labor statics U. S department of labor, Nonfarm payroll employment increased by 216,000. The unemployment rate changed at 8.8%. Manufacturing employment continued to rise by an additional 17,000.

By the tread that we have seen, the manufacturing companies are in dire need of skilled labor, many losses have been experienced in the recent years. However, People such as welders, electricians and machinists with simple knowledge for pushing buttons do not require professional skilled. Students should realize the qualifications they need for them to be able to work in the competitive global market of manufacturing.

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