The decision about how to position a company in the market is one of the most significant factors of the future success. Choosing a market segment involves evaluating the company’s strengths and weaknesses and exploring the market. Thus, the main aim of this paper is to choose an appropriate marketing strategy and market segment for the company Jamba Juice.

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Jamba Juice is an international company with headquarters in the USA. The macroeconomic conditions for a food business in the USA are favorable for the company. A slight economic downturn is not likely to affect the company’s business since its products have moderate prices. The political factors do not set any complicated obstacles for Jamba Juice.

Amongst microeconomic factors which influence the company the most substantial one is the competition. It is rather strong in the industry especially from the main rivals – Smoothie King and Planet Smoothie. Jamba Juice must keep its market leader positions by developing the marketing system. However, Jamba Juice managed to keep leading positions for quite a long time. Furthermore, Jamba Juice has a strong network of suppliers and distributors; thus, this factor is the company’s strengths (Sunoo, 2010).

Jamba Juice should position its products to energetic and creative children and youth people with middle to high income. Jamba Juice products will be popular amongst this market segment because the company’s products are not only sweet and taste good, but also are absolutely healthy. This factor along with a large variety of products will attract young people who try staying in shape, but like buying treats for themselves. Another competitive advantage for the company to position on is high quality. The quality and nutrition standards of Jamba Juice products have been recognized for not having any trans-fat, artificial flavors or preservatives (Jamba Juice, 2012).

Therefore, in order to capitalize on its competitive advantages, Jamba Juice should focus on the market segment represented by children and youth. Macroeconomic and microeconomic factors of the American food market are quite positive for the company to grow and expand in the market. Nevertheless, the company should be aware of the strong competition in the sector.

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