Queensborough Community College is one of the educational institutions that were established in New York City. The college has dominated headlines over many years as a result of the high enrollment rates of students coming from the international communities as well as the nationals. Currently, the yearly intake stands to about 15000 new students, and the number continues to increase on an annual basis (Day 94; Baines et al. 100). The mixture is composed of people from various nationalities who speak different languages. The multicultural setting has allowed numerous people in the current college to interact with people of different nationalities in the process of sharing their experiences. The college has applied varied strategies used to market the college. First, market segmentation has been used to identify the required site that was utilized in the identification of the said market (Jedidi and Jagpal; Day 172; Skitmore and Smyth 93; Armstrong and Kotler 90; Baines et al…100).

Queensborough Community College

Other important factors that were considered include the population density of the area and lifestyle choices of the different people (Day 172). The current college profile indicates that the majority of the people in the college are white while the remaining number of people come from the different communities across the world (Jedidi and Jagpal; Day174; Skitmore and Smyth; Armstrong and Kotler; Baines et al.).  Some potential customers include students across the globe who seek to gain more knowledge from the college and the visiting people engaged in extracurricular activities. The competitive analysis shows the SWOT analysis of the company that seeks to provide information on the internal and external environment of the company while the pricing strategy has been largely built on the fundamental aspects related to the four Ps that include price, promotion, product, and place.

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Geographic Market

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Geographic marketing and market play an essential role in any marketing process. Geographic segmentation refers to placing different markets based on their location such as the country, city, and even smaller divisions. In essence, geographic segmentation gives rise to geographic markets. This type of market can be divided basing on three important factors that are population density, climate, and language (Jedidi and Jagpal). Other factors that may affect the geographic market include the lifestyle of the people as well as the location. The geographic market is the first main issue that is considered by any party before starting any business because it can destroy or make any business enterprise thriving. In this case, Queensborough Community College was established in an area with the consideration of all above factors.
These factors have led to the growth of this enterprise. The college is located at the City University of New York, which is a metropolitan town that has a high population density. As a result, more than 15000 students commonly enroll in this college at any period. This number has been increasing with the development of the town. The climate of the area is largely cool and, therefore, favorable for most of the business practices that people are willing to engage in an educational form of business.
Moreover, it is the only college around the area that offers specific programs meaning that its geographic location is playing an important role in defining the nature of business practiced in the above area (Armstrong and Kotler 276). The lifestyle of the people in the surrounding have a keen interest in providing services related to education due to their large educational possibilities. Some educational facilities that are located in the above area and close to Queensborough Community College include the CUNY, which is an educational facility and South Jamaica Students as well as an art museum that is located opposite the college.

Customer Profile/ Market Segment

The customer profile segment includes important formation collected from the race, age and income across the different people living in the Queen Borough Community College. The information is then represented below in the form of pie charts. QCC remains one of the diverse colleges across the United States with students from over 139 countries across the world. These students speak more than 87 different languages. Almost 30 percent of the students present in this university were born outside the United States of America. The remaining come from all the other parts of the world including every corner of Asia, South America, North America, Australia, Africa, and Europe. The top five languages except English in the area that are spoken at the university include Chinese, Korean, Urdu, and Bengali. Twenty-eight percent of all the degree students in the college are international students coming from the Hispanic community, 25% are from the Asia or the Pacific area, other 25% are Blacks, and the remaining 22% come from the white community.
The available statistics indicate that with time, the students are getting younger . In the fall of 2012, the average age of the students present in the area was about 19.5 years and students who were taking associate degree students were in average 23.2 years old (Jedidi and Jagpal). 22% of the total population were students above 25 years or older. 53% off the total population consisted of female students by the fall of 2011 (Jedidi and Jagpal). During the first years of college’s functioning, male and female students were represented equally. Most of the certificate students were primarily female. Most of the older students associated themselves with the associate degrees.

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Potential Customers

The potential customers in the region are largely the huge population of people or students coming to the region. Queensborough Community College remains one of the worldwide recognized universities across the world after its official establishment as a college. The number of students coming to the university has been increasing on a yearly basis as the university continues to attract more students from both the international and national level. The established brand itself already serves to attract the numerous students who are interested in working in the discussed university (Baines et al. 174). Additionally, the university offers various degree courses for different age groups meaning that it readily accommodates the needs of any population. Furthermore, the university also offers short courses that are provided for individuals who have successfully finished the degrees and would like to come back and develop some new skill that can be applied in their career or life in general.
The university offers a wide range of different activities that have the potential for attracting more and more people across the board. Some of the activities that could serve to bring potential customers to the above region include those related to conference facilities (Day; Armstrong and Kotler 176). These facilities serve to house major guests that come to the above region. Once the area has been proven to be beneficial, it becomes a major site that will attract the same number of visitors during different periods of the year. Other common activities that are more likely to market the company and increase the number of potential customers include the use of promotional activities for the company (Jedidi and Jagpal; Day; Skitmore and Smyth; Armstrong and Kotler; Baines et al.). If numerous people can visit the above area and enjoy the excellent services that are offered, they are more likely to engage other potential customers to the college.

Competitive Analysis


  • The university is recognized internationally meaning that it is known at both the national and international levels.
  • The school has high number of people enrolled on a yearly basis with the current number being 15000 students.
  • The school offers broad-based programs revolving around different courses.
  • The school established a brand name recognized across the world


  • Most of the courses that are present in the current educational setting emphasize teaching one his or her area of interest.
  • Insufficient advertising of the school to the surrounding community.
  • High costs associated with the systems in place.
  • No established structures in place to use the online platform


  • The school could embrace online platforms in increasing the number of people studying at the university
  • The university would increase the number of courses being offered to the college away from the traditionally offered ones.
  • Increase in advertising of the college and the school.
  • Formulation of a new strategy to attract more people around the local regions.
  • Provision of scholarships for individuals who are performing exceptionally well.


  • The increase in the number of colleges in the new area.
  • Increase in competition between different universities that offer the same course.
  • Larger population of people avoids studying to engage in other forms of business.


The pricing strategy is normally based on the four P’s that are currently applied. This four P’s include product, price, place and promotion activities. In the case of Queensborough Community College, the product in the above case is the different types of courses that are being provided by the above college. In most cases, the university would advertise most of the opportunities and may even establish incentives to more people to enroll in the college (Skitmore and Smyth; Jedidi and Jagpal). Since education is considered as one of the main investments with future returns, more people get interested in achieving their set target. The place component attempts to identify if the current location where the university is currently situated is effective in promoting the different marketing strategies. Queensborough Community College is located in an area that is densely populated meaning that there are more people interested in investing in business in this location compared to other areas.
Moreover, the college is offering an essential service to the community, and therefore, there is a high chance that more people become willing to engage in this enterprise as compared to businesses in other locations. Another component is the price at which the college is willing to offer the current service.
Queensborough Community College is known to be one of the high-class universities across New York as compared to the other companies that are still appearing. However, it is important to note that the middle-class individual can also be supported by the above system as there is a substantial reduction in the fee-paying mechanism for individuals from remote areas. In most cases, there is a direct link between the prices of various products and their associated quality, particularly the higher prices are associated with the higher quality. The last component is the promotional aspect that has eluded the company for a long time. In this regard, the college should ideally apply different marketing strategies related to promotional strategies (Armstrong and Kotler). Prominent examples include the use of online marketing promoting specific products.

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