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I am passionate about inspiring people and building long lasting business relationships with like-minded people. This is because I believe that an investment in people is the best and would take me in my next stage in business development. The greatest wealth on this earth is hidden in the hearts of people and they are just waiting for me to sell them my dream before they start walking with me as we explore the path towards success. I have had a childhood friend who was almost giving up in her new business. She seemed to be scared that it was going to collapse because of the declining sales she was experiencing. It seemed like most of her customers were running away as much as she was trying to work towards maintaining them. When she approached me with her problem the first thing that is told her was to get rid of the fear factor.  I realized that she was actually spending more time concentrating on fear rather than putting in place measures that would improve her business.

I advised her to stayed focused on the business with a positive mental attitude. With such a positive attitude she was going to be engaged in the right things and she would do them to her best before the business starts picking up. Believe me or not, she used my advice and today she is one of the most successful ladies in our neighborhood. She has always recognized my contribution towards her success in business. Her case has really been a source of motivation in business for me and other people. A lesson that I learnt from the experience concerns the fact that I have the potential to lead others and provide positive inspiration that can drive them towards high levels of business success.

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