I believe that is morally unacceptable to eat factory farmed animals. Meat from animals has been part of the human food chain since the beginning of time. However, the manner in which we treat these animals we use for food is what is in question here.

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The basic principles of equality should apply to all beings, humans and non-humans.  Equality is giving equal consideration to all beings with interests.  We should not only consider the interests of our own species and disregard those of other species.  The capacity for suffering is indicative that a being has interests and that these beings have the right to equal consideration.  Animals feel pain and thus should be given equal consideration in preventing or minimizing their pain and suffering.  Consuming factory farmed animals does not take into consideration the suffering these animals felt. The continued consumption of factory farmed animals increases and not minimizes the suffering of animals.

Factory farming is a large scale industrial operation for the mass production of animal produce – meat, eggs, milk, etc. for profit. Factory farming treats animals as commodities for profit. The conditions of animals in factory farming are appalling and unjust. Animals here are penned in small tight spaces and are crowded in. They are not allowed to be with other members of their species. They are not permitted to roam. They are fed with numerous pesticides and antibiotics to increase and hasten yields. These animals are often mutilated and abused, such as castration. Factory farmed animals experience endless suffering and pain as their basic rights to roam, graze and be with their own kind are taken away from them.

Therefore taking into consideration the suffering experienced by factory farmed animals, it is unacceptable to eat these.  It is better to eat free range animals as they are treated humanely.

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