Immigration is the state of affairs whereby an individual leaves his country to go and settle in another country as a new citizen. A large number of people have already emigrated from their mother lands to live in other countries in search of first-rate employment chances, as well as of elevating their living standard. There are times when people decide to leave their country for another one without having the necessary documents or not giving any notification to the government. Such incidents may happen when an individual is under injustice and wants to escape the punishment. Such kind of immigration is considered to be illegitimate. This paper will discuss the current illegal migration issues that are occurring in the United States of America. The choice of topic is based on the significance of this political issue regarding migration that even the president of the US has expressed his concern about (Suro, 1998).  

In one of the last letters to the president of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, a group of seventeen representatives from the Southwest demanded an immediate action to be taken so as to enhance the security at the border; considering that the level of violence in the vicinity of the United States and Mexico border is still increasing at a very alarming rate.  The local officials are advised to investigate on a person’s immigration. They should be ready to detain the illegal immigrants at any time. These measures taken by the politicians in the region, has significantly reduced the level of illegal immigration into the United States of America. This factor, although a bit hard to be measured, has reflected a clear decline. The politicians have managed to make the necessary arrangements and enhance security at the Southern Border; thus, reducing the level of illegal immigration.  The place has become much better than it had been for a good number of years (Swain, 2007). The set of actions taken involves negotiations with the US politicians to consider the security budget increase in order to lower the pace of the illegal entries.

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There are several complications that are caused by the high level of illegal immigration in the USA. In most industries, dirty and poor newcomers lower the production of the industry. Moreover, they make the local and state budgets to be exposed to a lot of hardships when the workers who were not accounted for by the management are paid “under the tables”. The social facilities also become crowded since initially some people were not reckoned to be amongst the users of that plant. In case these illegal immigrants get a job while in their new country, they end up making other people to suffer. Basically, they are stealing the employment opportunity, since the ordinary citizens cannot acquire the job in a legal manner.  In addition, everything that they tend to use, be it the salary they receive or the above mentioned social amenities   usually are built and maintained by the citizens of that state.

The forming of discrimination

This ends up forming discrimination cases whereby some citizens are victimized due to the behavior of the other society members. For instance, a black American may lose his job or be disregarded after applying for a particular job, since recently some individuals have been noted to have illegally penetrated into the country (Merino, 2012). These have also caused a certain stereotyping patterns, since the real citizens believe that a specific group of people are the ones who illegally immigrated into their country; thus, making the ordinary residents to suffer. For example, the black Americans can end up being discriminated even more since not all of the cases of illegal immigration have been reported. In addition, not all of the black Americans were amongst the people who have conducted the act. The case gets worse when children born to the white Americans are brought up believing that some individuals who look in a particular way should be avoided. The kids are made to believe that the black Americans are responsible for the poor economic level of the country. .  This has lead to violence which can be healed only by ignoring the stereotype and living against it. If these beliefs are done away with, then people will live peacefully and prejudice will turn to be a history.

The national security

A number of the vociferous opponents of the illegal immigration deny the existence of this phenomenon in their country. Thus, they are making people to have false believes that their country is safe, while ahead there is a great threat to the national security. If the abovementioned point of view has its merit, which is still debatable, then the desire to draw the undocumented people out into the sunlight of legal status and official registration is even more urgent. A remarkable roster of the police chiefs have been negotiating about the implementation of specific actions like the new Arizona law. They argue that these acts amount in quintessence. In fact, profiling of the race and poisoning of the relationships within the society are making crime-fighting even more complicated. The politicians have gone further and recruited anti-immigrant groups that have proliferated in the recent years. Though they are not racist in general, they do have a lot of racist members and are providing them with a platform for action. Still, the politicians have developed a habit of jumping into the nationalist bandwagon. They run hard against the illegal immigration especially in Georgia, Massachusetts, Arizona and California. The lack of broad federal solution in the United States has made up a collection of lopsided, enforcement-only programs that have cost the nation billions of dollars, while failing to stop the unauthorized immigration. Nevertheless, in order to formulate solutions to our problems, the initial step should be the understanding of their scope.

Many have and still are attempting to confront this immigration challenge, but their passions are immense and disagreements are deep. The task is not that easy considering the fact that the politicians have to apply all the forces since the citizens’ demands deserve a solution. They need the migration control system that meets the national security imperative and economy in order to uphold the United States’ proud status as of a nation of the legal immigrants and reasonable laws. Therefore, they need Independents, Republicans and Democrats to connect their effort in accomplishing this critical task (Farnam, 2005).


The politicians should come up with measures to secure the country’s borders in order to at least minimize the scope of the problem. In its turn the administration should take precautions early enough to make sure that they are rewarding and strengthening the general strategy. At the same time, enforcement resources should be well equipped to prevent those who would harm the nation through illegal entry (Bray, 2011). Legal immigration should be allowed to strengthen the economic competitiveness. It should reflect good values and diverse needs of the individuals involved. Generally, migration law and regulations are supposed to reunify different families as they encourage individuals to develop new industries and technologies in the country. The law should never punish innocent youths whose parents committed the crime of bringing them in the United States illegally. They should be given a chance to stay in the country no matter of they are in the military or are pursuing higher education. By doing this they will manage to liquidate the discrimination issue.

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