Introducing newspapers and radio today, the most popular media have a video broadcasting format. Among television channels that translate the news, Fox News Corporation is a very influential global (Pilgrim 2008), presenting The Sean Hannity Show (Hannity 2012), which propagates the conservative point of view, opposing to Rachel Maddow Show (CQ-Roll Call, Inc. 2012) on MSNBC, which illuminates the issues from the liberal perspective. Though the stories they discuss are mainly similar, their perspectives on delivering and discussing them are different.

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First, personal political perspective of each host implies idealistic clash. With Maddow being liberal and Hannity being conservative, they each propagate theirs opinions to manipulate viewers’ perception. Even though both channels use this strategy, the Fox News tend to be more informative and formal, as this conglomerate corporation sits among the biggest and respectable mass media (Pilgrim 2008), but less biased than non-synergic MSNBC, which use a more emotional approach and charisma to impact on the viewer (Croteau, D & Hoynes, W 2007). Nevertheless, the National Bureau of Economic Research found “a significant effect of the introduction of Fox News on the vote share in Presidential elections between 1996 and 2000. Republicans gain 0.4 to 0.7 percentage points in the towns, which broadcast Fox News” (DellaVigna S & Kaplan E 2006, p.2), which cannot be said about the MSNBC. Second, ways both of them interpret the news are different. For instance, Both Rachel Maddow show (CQ-Roll Call, Inc. 2012) and Sean Hannity show (Hannity 2012) aired on television on May 14 regarding similar issues. However, their perspectives on delivering them and discussing them were different. While Rachel Maddow supported Mitt Roomney’s political inclinations(CQ-Roll Call, Inc. 2012), Sean Hannity discussed his past high school pranks and described him as heartless and greedy (2012). Third, both commentators have different presentation styles. When Rachel Maddow has a linguistically enlightened, fast and sarcastic speech (CQ-Roll Call, Inc. 2012), Sean Hannity emphasizes the importance of his main ideas with his intonation, speaking calmly and pretentiously (Hannity 2012). In contrast, Maddow has a fast speech, yet it is clear and inflexionally variable.

To sum up, while watching The Rachel Maddow Show (CQ-Roll Call, Inc. 2012) and The Sean Hannity Show (Hannity 2012), we can conclude that having the same objective of commenting on political issues, these television shows have different tactics and views regarding the issues considered.

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