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In my marketing class while presentations were been carried out on the first day, I could not make it to be present because I was out of the States.  Well, though I was not there I think the other group could be effective in their presentation by being confident in their communication. As we all know, marketing has to do with the performance of activities that direct the flow of goods and services from the producer to the consumer. Every buyer looks out for that product or service that will enhance their utility. Communication is therefore of great importance to the group in winning the attention and the purchase what is being marketed by the esteemed customer. Exuding calm confidence is very essential as it deals with the prospective buyers’ psychology. This is actually what I think would give a better presentation that will win a bigger population of customers.

On to my side, our group project is a very sensitive one which will require careful analysis in its performance, implementation and troubleshooting procedures. To be much better, it would be very crucial in ensuring that the S-tech Software has more of benefits than challenges in its implementation process and performance. While good communication would create interest to prospective buyers, there is much communication needed to highlight the usefulness of the software in the education process. Well, such like services would require practical demonstrations and therefore this should be done without failure. There is no excuse for any shortcoming with the software by the KSA technologies. Having the knowledge that there are many competitors in the market; the success of the project should be well grounded on unique features that stand out in the market. Marketing in this sense must direct the flow of information and expertise that is needed to articulate the intended function. This is believed to offer value for money as the product stands out in the market.

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