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The art has allowed humans throughout the ages to express themselves and convey their emotions to others. It is an excellent way to understand the time by seeing what the different artists were expressing. Pablo Picasso is one of the famous artists who with the help of his works transferred his feelings and emotions. The majority of people know him as a creator of extraordinary and amazing paintings. However, Picasso is also famous for vast variety of his ceramic works.

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Firstly, it is an important fact that his ceramics represents the idea that it is never late to do what you really like to. Picasso He started creating them when he was a 60-year-old man. At that period of his life, he liked travelling and very often visited different French breathtaking places where he observed and enjoyed the nature. As a result, he visited some exhibition in Vallauris and was impressed by the high quality of the Madoura works (Fanny, and Conner n.p.). Later, Picasso was introduced to the owners of that exhibition, and they gave him the access to all their materials and tools in order for him to express his feelings and creativity through ceramics. The artist discovered that working with ceramics was very relaxing (Enrique, 2014).
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At the beginning of his ceramic career, Picasso started making very simple objects such as various plates and bowls. It was the time when he mastered his ceramic skills. The initial Picasso’s skills can be noticed while observing his first works such as a plate Ceramic Unique color variant (Tete de chevre de profil) (see fig. 1) and a bowl Fish Subject (Sujet poisson) (see fig. 2). According to the first work, he wanted to reveal the idea of color unicity particularly that the color can exist independently of any shape. The second work represents not only a simple fish but also the idea to create the bowl in an unusual way, not typical for human’s view.
Later, he proceeded to create more complicated and ambitious forms including vases, pitchers, and little sculptures. Picasso made experiments with various ceramic techniques, colors, and forms of his works. Very often, he tried to combine different kinds and shades of colors in order to portray some supernatural things as, for instance, his famous work Laughing-Eyed Face (Visage aux yeux rieurs) (see fig. 3). He also revealed many intentions using various types of forms and shapes so that to make the experiments and prove that different things can be harmoniously combined (Marek n.p.). Such phenomenon may be showed in his work called Ice Pitcher (Pichet à glace) (see fig. 4) in which he combined some geometrical shapes in order to create a single independent sculpture. One more ceramic work that proves Picasso’s love to mythological themes is his Centaur (Centaure) (see fig. 5). It is a virtually unique work made in the form of Centaur from Greek mythology. Moreover, every Picasso’s work had a stamp or marking that was placed on its underside.
In conclusion, Pablo Picasso is not only a great painter but also an excellent ceramic artist. All his works are imbued with his feelings and intentions to represent something extraordinary and unique. Picasso used different techniques, shapes, and colors to make his works original.

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