God has rewarded a man with diversified skills, every person in this entire world have some kind of skills in it and the interesting thing is that the instinct and the skills of a person can not be matched than that of any other person. Drafting or writing is one of the tremendous skills God has awarded a human being and as per my perception it is the best skill a person can have, because this is the only skill which can not be developed through training, yes it can be enhanced but can’t be build. Peoples utilize this skill to write professional papers, this skill allows you to jotted down your perception or thinking in words. Likewise the skills can not be matched, same implies on the ideas of a person that the idea of a person and jotted down styles are also differs from individuals to individuals. 

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It has been observed that, when it comes to writing theft of ideas is a common thing. To theft the idea of a person and write or publish with your name is really a crime and such act termed as Plagiarism. The Random House Compact Unabridged Dictionary described the term plagiarism in a plausible fashion, according to them

“Utilization or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work”

The act of plagiarism is as the most unethical work, which can not be pardon by the original author, if we see broadly then we would realize that such unethical crime is been committing at many places, like it occurs in the academia and the plagiarism which is done by the students and professors are called academic dishonesty and it also occurs while writing journals and other reports (Harris, 2001). Some school of thoughts consensus that the plagiarism is a copyright infringement but actually its not. Copyright infringement indeed is a violation of the rights of a copyright holder, when the material is used with consent while it was prevented. The best way to avoid plagiarism issue is paraphrasing; the writer must be able to paraphrase the content to be counted as the best writer and it is the best way how the stance of plagiarism can be reduced completely.

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