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A personal business plan allows a person to succeed in the chosen career. My major is human resources, and I hope to achieve success in this sphere, because this profession is widely applied in the modern world. This paper will describe my personal business plan in detail. My major is human resources, and I hope to achieve success in this sphere, because this profession is widely applied in the modern world. This paper will describe my personal business plan in detail.

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Vision and Opportunity

After I graduate the university, I plan to achieve various career and educational goals. One of my educational goals is to become a Stanford University student. In addition, the other of my goals is to grow professionally and intellectually through self-education. I will study at home by means of books devoted to HR management, as well as professional journals and websites. Such self-education will help me to deepen my knowledge and make me more professional in HR management. In terms of personal education, I also plan to communicate with HR specialists; as a result, I will be able to use first-hand experiences and helpful advice in my career. One of my career goals is to work for an international company, because large firms provide better opportunities for career growth. However, I do not know yet in what company I will work.
My principal aim is to get a job in the HR management sphere. My main values include the desire for professional development and attention to people, since the aforementioned aspects are the core of my work. My mission is to facilitate personal professional career growth and improve the performance of my company to enable it to reach its goals effectively.

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The following questions will guide my choices:

  • What short-term and long-term objectives do I want to achieve in my professional life?
  • What factors, values, and beliefs are the most important for me in my work?
  • How will my education, knowledge, skills, and abilities help me achieve the set career goals?

The current market and opportunities are relatively favorable, and I will be able to achieve my goals if I work hard. HR specialists are required in all areas of business and industry. Companies want to hire professional HR specialists in order to have well-trained and educated employees who demonstrate high quality performance and cause minimum problems (“Human Resources Managers,” n.d.). Thus, I have an opportunity to work and develop professionally in different spheres.

Marketing and Implementation Strategy

A market positioning statement is important for any organization or person. This statement should provide a key picture of an individual or institution (Stayman, 2015). My statement will correspond to the aforementioned requirements.
My market positioning statement is the following: I am a proficient HR specialist because I have relevant knowledge and skills in the HR sphere. Moreover, I studied and continue to study additional literature on HR that had not been discussed in class.
I have many values that make me a good specialist. I am convinced my future employers will value my desire to constantly learn and develop. Besides, I always try to obtain new relevant knowledge and skills in order to adapt to the ever-changing business environment. In my opinion, a good specialist must follow the newest trends in his/her line of work in order to demonstrate exemplary performance.
Many positive features differentiate me from my fellow students. First, I have high grades in most disciplines. Second, unlike most students, I try to gain additional information and knowledge relevant to my major, while most of my classmates focus only on the materials studied in class. For instance, I regularly read different books, professional magazines, and websites devoted to the field of HR. In addition, I try to study the latest news related to the current trends in HR management. Third, I try to communicate with professionals who work in the HR sphere. I memorize their recommendations and try to apply them in practice. Moreover, I am hardworking, and I strive to do my best at work.

Risks and Mitigation

I plan to reach several milestones and checkpoints. Currently, the most important step for me is my graduation. I want to graduate with high grades to be able to find a good job since competition is high in the HR sector. The next milestone is to find potential employers. I will start searching for vacancies several months before my graduation. This will enable me to evaluate potential employers, salaries, benefits, and drawbacks and to decide where to apply after graduation. Beginning my career development at the chosen company will be one of the final milestones.
To measure the process of attaining the aforementioned milestones, I will check whether they are met or not. To check my graduation goals, I will set the minimum grades I wish to obtain. I will define that I reached success if the final results correspond to the desired outcome (“Definition of Success,” n.d.). Besides, there are external factors that may positively or negatively affect my achievement of success. Positive factors include the assistance of my family members and friends, a sufficient amount of free time, and good relations with workmates. Negative factors include bad relations at work, lack of free time, and financial problems.

In my case, the contingency and risk mitigation strategies are the following:

  • I should have good relations with my family members and friends. Such relations help to maintain a positive mood and receive assistance. The aforementioned factors will provide me with opportunities for development and personal growth.
  • I should plan my time in order to have enough time for work, education, and rest. Thus, I will be able to develop professionally when I have free time.
  • I should establish and maintain good relations at work to avoid conflicts and enhance productivity.
    Entrepreneurial Ethics, Personal Board of Directors, and 6-Word Summary

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I plan to follow basic ethical principles, both at work and in personal relations. Moreover, I plan to study business ethics practices of famous companies and leaders. If I could assemble three people to advise and mentor me, I would choose my mother, my uncle, and my best friend. I would select my mother because she is hardworking, and because she reached almost all of her goals. My uncle, in his turn, achieved success despite his poor background, and he would stimulate me to be successful and to have a desire to reach my objectives. My best friend would be of assistance due to his positive attitude and trust in me.

My Personal Business Plan in 6 words is the following: “A hardworking person who constantly studies.”

Further Development Strategies

The main differences between innovation and entrepreneurship are the following: entrepreneurship does not always need innovation to achieve success, and innovation can exist without entrepreneurship. The two notions are related because innovation is widely used in entrepreneurship. The macro-, meso-, and micro-levels of innovation and entrepreneurship are related to the levels of economy or society in which they are provided. For instance, the micro-level includes innovation and entrepreneurship in a single organization, the meso-level means innovation and entrepreneurship in an industry or a group of organizations, and the macro-level signifies the level of a region, country, or whole world.
I think universities can teach an individual to be a good leader, as well as to be more innovative and entrepreneurial on the micro- and meso-levels, and the macro-level is reached only by the most unique and talented people. I think my levels of innovation and entrepreneurship are low because I do not yet have enough experience. However, I think my level improved after entering the course, and I hope it will become higher when I gain more experience. To measure my level, I will determine what new activities I can undertake and what skills and abilities I can develop. Concerning my leadership level, I will measure it by determining how well I lead others.

For the action plan to be more innovative and entrepreneurial, I need to perform the following:

  • Read about successful innovators and business leaders – from now and regularly
  • Communicate with HR specialists to gain more experience
  • Try to open my own small business
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