Cherry (2010) has defined personality can be defined as the characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that make a person unique. It arises from within the individual and remains fairly consistent throughout life (Cherry, 2010). Personality controls the success and failures of a person in his/her life. Even a simple problem may make some people introverts whereas we have many examples in which people with serious problems lead their life without too much concerns. Personality makes or breaks a person.

No two individuals are alike. Different people have different personalities because of the differences in their heredity and the environment in which they were brought up. Understanding of personality types will help us to make changes in our dealings with others. Personality plays an important role in business and marketing. Knowledge of the personality types of the customers or clients is important for a business person to make necessary changes in his dealings with the customers.

In a beauty industry like skin care, knowledge of personality types of the customers can help the entrepreneur to make changes in his approach towards customers. The customers may have different choices and preferences and it is important for the entrepreneur to cater the needs of all the customers in order to make run his business in successful manner. This paper briefly analyses the importance of knowing the personality of clients in beauty industry

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Personality Types and beauty industry

Personality can influence the cognitions, motivations, and behaviors of a person in various situations. Even a successful manager or a leader of a business group may develop inferiority complex about his/her looks. He/she might be a matured personality in hi/her professional life, but he/she need not be a matured personality in his/her private life. He/she may solve thousands of professional problems with ease, but he/she may fail to solve even a simple personal problem in his/her private life. In short it is not necessary that a person excels in one area may excel in other areas as well because of the differences in characteristics of personality.

Some people may have more concerns about their looks rather than anything else in their life. They will give more attention to the preservation of their beauty and for that they may ready to spend as much as they can. Even a small beauty problem may irritate them too much as they value their beauty as the most precious thing in their life. Suppose a person of the above caliber come to a beauty shop with a minor skin problem. The shop owner should evaluate how much that problem affecting that person psychologically rather than physically before prescribing any remedies for it. The same problem might be taken lightly by others, but due to personality differences, same problems and its consequences can be perceived differently by different clients. Everyone has some values, perceptions, opinions, special strengths, weakness and qualities which should be treated with care and respect by others.

Fears shape our character; this is a theory of psychoanalysis, which was developed by the founders of today’s Academy of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Munich, Fritz Riemann (1902-1979). There are four basic fears: fear of self-development of the depressive personality, fear of the dedication of the schizoid personality, the fear of change in personality, and the obsessive fear of the necessities of the hysterical personality. Psychoanalysts assume that a basic fear predominates in combination the other forms (Personality And Fashion, 2010)

Some people take their defects very lightly and they will actively participate in all the activities just like normal persons. But some other people take even simple things seriously and will try to stay away from the social life. In other words, fear is playing an important role in the development of personality. Personality of a person depends on how well he/she was able to adapt with his merits and demerits. Even a tiny scar might irritate a sensitive person, but even a big scar may not make too many concerns to a mentally tough person. The skin care specialist should consider all these personality differences before prescribing a treatment option to the clients.

The skin care specialist should have professional ethics and a good appearance in order to convince the clients. A skin care specialist with a defective skin can never convince the clients with the treatment option. For example, how can a skin care specialist with pimples on his/her face can treat a client approached him/her with the same problem. The clients always value the appearance and the personality of the skin care specialist before they seek advices. The skin care specialist should have good communication skills in order to educate the clients about merits and demerits of the treatment options. The skin care specialist should have adequate knowledge not only about the products he dealt with, but also the products available in the market.

Esthetician (Skin care specialist) should use a variety of products and techniques to improve and maintain the health and appearance of each client. They teach their clients how to properly clean and moisturize their faces. Some of the routine jobs performed by them are facials, chemical peels, and blackheads extraction from the skin. They provide instruction on how to apply makeup effectively and remove excess hair. A skin care specialist often provides facial massages as well (Solis, 2010). Some clients may have too little knowledge whereas some other clients may have adequate knowledge about the importance of skin care. The esthetician should evaluate these skin care knowhow of the clients properly and then suggest proper treatment options. It is difficult to convince a client with less knowledge about the effectiveness of a treatment if the client lacks technical knowledge. In such cases, it is better to avoid providing too much technical information about the treatment to the client. On the other hand, if the client has some knowledge about the skin care products, it is better to give more information about the products and treatment in order to make the client happier.  


Personality of the clients and the esthetician can play an important role in determining the success and failures of a beauty shop. Understanding of the personality of the clients is important for the skin care specialist to determine the suitable treatment option for the client. The skin care specialist should be matured enough to listen the problems of the clients patiently and giving enough helpful tips and advices in maintaining the beauty of the client. Different people take the same problem differently because of the personality differences. Understanding to the mindset of the clients will help the esthetician to develop customized treatment options for the clients.

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