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The difference of philosophy essay from other papers is that it requires completely different approach to writing. The matter is that it is neither a literature essay nor a research paper. However, it requires a writer to work on different literary sources and look for necessary information there. Philosophy essay can be identified as a paper where a writer has to take a position and provide explanation on why it is right.

In the process of philosophy essays writing, a writer should pay attention to a number of issues. One of them is using terms. The problem here is that in philosophical terms may have contradicting meanings and some of them may not have a specific definition at all. As a result, it is easy to misinterpret them and distort the meaning of the whole paper. In such a way, the desire to impress the professor may turn out to be a disaster. Very often, professors appreciate simple language and the ability of a student to provide information clearly in philosophy essay. The other important thing in the process of writing is using quotes of different philosophers. First of all, it has to be done in accordance to formatting requirements, and, second, their ideas should not contradict to the idea you are trying to prove. In addition, you will have to explain why this thought is used and how it supports your point. One more thing that requires attention of a writer is providing personal opinion. If the paper is well written and supported by credible sources and facts, personal opinion can ruin good impression. Usually, personal viewpoint is provided in conclusion and supports the main idea of the essay.

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In the process of writing a philosophy assignment, a writer will have to deal with different theories and arguments. In some cases, a writer may be asked to explain them, while in other he/she may be required to provide their evaluation. Regardless of the task, you should be able to provide your information in a clear and understandable manner.

One of the best ways to understand how to write papers in philosophy is to use philosophy essay examples. If you are assigned philosophy paper writing for the first time, you may face some difficulties. Philosophy essay samples will help you to overcome difficulties and to write a paper of high quality. We provide you with professionally written philosophy essay samples for your academic needs!

Foundations of Western Art

Primavera by Painter Sandro Botticelli

Primavera is a painting created on May 1482 by painter Alessandro Filipepi, who was better known as Sandro Botticelli. Different ideas and situations happening during the Reinassance period inspired the painter to create the painting. Political, relig...
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Money in Ancient Greece

Money is widely defined as anything that is widely accepted and used as a means of making payments for goods and services, accounting for credits and debts in a given socio-economic context.  The value of money is widely recognized and everyone can estimate the value of money and buy anything with ...
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‘Apology’ by Plato (Book Review)

Apology was written by Plato in 399 B.C. and still presents an excellent piece of literature in terms of logics, rhetoric elements and the philosopher’s dialectics. It is actually his version of Socrates’ self-defensive monologue at the trial revealing a lot of details of the latter. The text of...
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Machiavelli’s Views on Government and Politics Paper Sample

In his book The Prince, Machiavelli offers a view of how a state ought to be run or governed from his own perspective. His views greatly differ from those of the humanists which existed in his time. According to Machiavelli, the ruling prince ought to have an exclusive authority to determine each of...
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Interaction between Nature and Human Culture Research Paper

Alienation and Nature

The problem of interaction between nature and culture is quite relevant nowadays. It becomes especially acute and urgent for the contemporary world community, which is rightly called the technogenic civilization. The humanity has managed to push back the threat of nuc...
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Plato and Socrates Philosophical Theory Essay

The question whether the implementation of the new policy in the university requiring the collection of fingerprints of all its professors needs abroad understanding of what is ethical and morally acceptable to the government. in civil liberty of employees act. This p...

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Sufism and Buddhism Comparative Essay

Buddhism reached India as a belief system in 528 B.C. This was approximately 1,000 years before Islam was recognized as a religion. It had spread through Asia, from China to Japan, and Korea. Islam and Buddhism came about in different ways and held different definitio...

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Plato’s Ladder of Love Essay

However, the Ladder of Love in Plato's Symposium refers to guidelines for the focus of depth conversation at advanced stages. Depth Dialogue is primarily a deep exploration of love. Socrates and Plato define love as an eros. By full sensation, juicy, physical erotic ...

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Theories of Conformity

It is not uncommon for us to hear of happenings around the globe that are both shocking and life changing. Various theories have tried to explain the ways in which people conform to certain standards, lifestyles or opinions. Three scholars namely Bibb Latane, Kurt Lew...

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The Concept of Impurity In Judaism

Judaism traces its roots and origin back to the period of mankind creation, but the Jewish history is traced to Hebrews and Abraham. With regard to the Torah, Mesopotamian town of Harran was the home town of Abraham. Following God's command, Abraham was ordered to migrate to the Canaan region, wh...

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The Mediations on First Philosophy by Rene Descartes

The Mediations on First Philosophy was published in 1641 and it is a philosophical treatise written by Rene Descartes. There are six meditations and in them the author discards al the belief in tings that have no absolute certainty and then attempts to establish...
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Karl Marx’s Theory of Alienation

Karl Marx's (he is considered to be Gegel's disciple) (1818-1883) and Fridrih Engels’s doctrines (1820-1895) are the final stage of the development of the German classical philosophy (McLellan, 1973). Marx supports the humanity based on idea of a free, universal cre...

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The doctrine of the soul is one of the semantic centers of Plato's philosophy. According to Plato, body and soul are clearly separated from each other, and the soul must dominate the body. In order to convince Melissa of the existence of the souls, Melinda may use som...

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Augustan Propaganda in the Shield of Aeneas

Virgil wrote the famous Aeneid at the brink of Raman rise. In book 8, Aeneas’s character, we see person who is absorbed in his own destiny, which does not ultimately relate to him but it relates to something bigger and less personal. The Augustine Empire surrounds h...

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Karl Marx’s Contribution

Karl Marx is one of the greatest philosophers, a revolutionary, historian and social scientist from the 19th century. He was born in May 5, 1818, in Germany. In 1842, he became the editor of Rheinisc...

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Socrates’ Examined Life

Socrates was a Greek philosopher who lived in Athens between 469-399 B.C. One of his apprentices is famous philosopher known as Plato. However, it is supposed that Socrates did not leave any writings after his death. Information about this philosophy is retrieved from...

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Comedy and Humor’s Role in Society Essay

Comedy and humor’s role in society is very important. Special power of comedy and humor in organization of human life in society was noticed in the ancient world. Some Latin expressions, which are still topical, clearly determine the role of these phenomena: “Laug...

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Monetary and Fiscal Policies

The monetary and fiscal policies put in place in any given country directly influence the performance of its economy. Monetary policies greatly influence the rate of growth of aggregate demand, changes in money supply and the associated price inflation.  This therefore influences the value of an...

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The Economy of a Region

The economy of a region is greatly determined by factors that are intertwined in the community set up. This beliefs and values that may influence the regions economy is focused on the culture, geographical setting as well as the economy of the area.  Economic development in Africa is highly base...

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Epistemology is a branch of philosophy that is concerned with the study of knowledge, that is, theories explaining it, different propositions held by philosophers about knowledge, it definition, how it is acquired, and how one can tell he or she knows what he or she claims to know. Generally it is a...
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United States Agricultural Economy and International Market

Recently the effects of unforeseen climatic changes have constantly affected various sectors of the economy globally such as agriculture, tourism, construction industries among other vital sectors of the global economy. Of all these sectors, the most affected one is on agriculture. It is highly e...

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Mind and Machine

Everyone has the responsibility of minding his or her actions and, therefore, cooperation from other people is necessary for there to be mutual coexistence between people (Nola, 2005). For instance, my take on politics is that, it should be a free will undertaking with no coercion imposed on anyo...

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A Chance to be Creative

Creativity is quite a unique gift that is given to everyone. In order for a person to be creative, he or she just need to experience anything that is around him, processing his feelings and thoughts and presenting them to the rest of the world in a very unique way. Creativity can be termed as an ...

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Existentialism just like rationalism and empiricism can be categorized to philosophical term which is a member of intellectual history.  As a result, this means that existentialism and what it refers to borrow a number of terms and convincing personalities from the discipline of history. This te...

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Philosophy of Leadership

The concept of leadership has gained great deal of attention in recent past years. In the business world, in the community or even at academic institutions, large amounts of money and time have been devoted to the developing of effective future leaders. These areas have used many ways to motivate a...
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Discouraged Workers and Economy

Economists define discouraged workers as individuals who have attained the legal age of employment yet do not hold any job. Most people experience long-term unemployment because they do not actively seek employment. Unfortunately, other people realize futile efforts because they constantly lack e...

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Google Stock Recommendation

Google is a global technology champion determined to improve the way people access information. Our interactive innovations as a web search engine have made our website the most popular and the first destination to the billions of internet users on daily basis. Currently, Google brand is the most...

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Oligopoly, in most cases, takes place to the detriment of the consumers. Oligopoly is evident in the oil and automotive market where only a few companies control the markets. The following write up is a discussion of oligopoly and its effect on consumers.


By "S...

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Expected US GDP Growth and the Local Economy

The US’s Gross Domestic Product has been a key economic indicator, showing the country’s economic growth rates and development. The country has had an average quarterly GDP growth rate of 3.30%, from 1947 to 2010. The country has experienced tremendous growth over the years, exemplified by th...

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Man is a Slave of His Habits

Man is a slave of his habits. Once they are imbibed into the system they are the ones that control a man. It is therefore pertinent that one becomes a slave to practices which would yield benefits galore. Investing into something which have very little or no margin of profitability leads to a sor...

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Philosophy of Mathematics

Philosophy can be defined as the rational research of the principles and the truth of conduct, knowledge and being. Mathematics is a science therefore philosophy of mathematics can be referred as a division of the philosophy of science, next to the fields such as the philosophy of biology and the...

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Disagreement on Love

The issue of interracial marriage is becoming an object of attention in some societies. In America for example, such marriage is considered the least frequent of all marriages; nevertheless, American society seems to have evolved into accepting these marriages (Judice 11). As the word itself defines...
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Marginal Product Essay Sample

Marginal product is an economic term that refers to additional output generated by utilizing an extra unit of input. It is the measure of change in quantity produced when the input of a factor of production such as labor is increased or decreased by one unit. Ferguson and Gould (2010) define marg...

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The Role of Black Slavery in the Economic and Social Life of Brazil

Although the institution of slavery comprised a part of the historical development of almost all countries worldwide, it is generally identified as one of the major tragedies in the history of humanity. Today, slavery is associated with illegal ownership of human beings, deprivation, forced labor...

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Globalisation of Industries


Globalization is a process which involves assimilation of markets and technologies between different nations or rather at a worldwide ground. This ensures that Industries and individuals are able to reach the outside world easily and at a cheaper price. All the same this ki...

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Your own Philosophy of Education

One of the well-known theorists in education is John Dewey (October 20, 1859 - June 1, 1952). He is credited with the title of an American psychologist, philosopher and educational reformer. In the field of psychology and education, he has done a few essenial statements and wrote important books,...

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Analysis of Leonard Character in ‘Memento’ (Film Analysis)

Knowledge and Reality

Memento film is a prototype psychological movie that is presented in a sequential manner, and showing a color sequence reverse order. The events of the film are showed in two different but alternating narratives, where one is shown in black and white, while the other ...
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Solitude: The Definition of an Enigma

Solitude is a sensuous word, with each syllable so delightful and so eloquent. And yet, this word remains an enigma. Solitude, strictly defined, is generally taken to refer to seclusion, isolation or loneliness. But in terms of its feel, its pronunciation, it could not be any further. The word is...

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Issues Affecting Latinos

Latino Americans or sometimes referred to as Hispanic are American citizens who originated from Hispanic nations of Latin America. Generally, all persons who identify themselves as Latino or Hispanic are considered Latino Americans.  When the term Latino is mentioned in the United States of America...
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A Letter for a Han Loyalist

“Be Content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”

Lao Tzu, founder of Taoism

This is a classic teaching of Lao Tzu that seems to be out of the minds of the rulers of this kingdom. This is ...

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Monstrous Freedom

Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980) is possibly the most renowned philosopher of the 20th Century. Sartre’s indefatigable pursuit for philosophical reflection, and literary creativity in the 2nd half of his life as well as his active political participation won him worldwide celebrity, with an immense...

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Obama Doesn’t Have a Crystal Ball

As the “war against terrorism” which was firstly proclaimed by former U.S. President George Walker Bush is not over yet, the successor Barrack Obama is now the person who has high responsibility, especially in answering the American and the whole world’s question about the time to withdraw ...

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John Locke

John Locke was one of the earlier philosophers who based his work mainly on human knowledge and religious tolerance. He brought out his thoughts on the relationship between the knowledge and ideas of human being on the existence of things. During Locke’s period, there were many philosophical postu...
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